On Trend: Earrings for the 4th of July – Singles, Mismatched, Cuffs & Climbers

By Erika Winters

Celebrate the 4th of July in sparkling style with some of the latest earring trends! From singles and mismatched studs to cuffs and climbers, there are so many fresh looks just waiting to be worn. We are especially loving the newer vine or climbing earrings that reach up and around the ear–as more coverage equals more sparkle and shine to light up your face! The climbers look great on a single ear, while the other ear is bare or adorned with a stud. Colette’s “Orion” earrings (below) pair a vine of diamond starbursts with a matching single stud.

Efva Attling and Kismet by Milka’s climbing ear cuffs trail a sprinkling of stars down the ear. And Nikos Koulis’ single-star earring (coming soon to matchesfashion.com) connects at the top of the ear with a magnetic fastening. So you can wear this style with a stud or solo.

For those of you with single piercings in both ears, you may want to consider adding a 2nd (or 3rd!) to mix and match. Designer Wendy Brandes has so many single studs in her signature style, but we went for her pyrotechnic emoji stud, as she is the bomb, and it’s the 4th after all.

Don’t forget to go through your jewelry box and mix up what you already wear. There are no rules when it comes to jewelry–so create your own look and go! Click on the images or links to learn more about these starry and sparkling styles for the 4th of July.


Mastoloni’s New Pearl Necklace 1-Nikos-Koulis-Single-Star-Diamond-Earring.jpg
Kismet by Milka star ear crawler Nikos Koulis single star earring
1-Wendy-Brandes-Bomb-Single-Stud-Earring.jpg 1-Andrea-Fohrman-Rainbow-Lightning-Bolt-Earrings.jpg
Wendy Brandes bomb emoji single stud Andrea Fohrman rainbow and bolt studs
1-Efva-Attling-Falling-Star-Ear-Cuff.jpg 1-Colette-Orion-Earrings.jpg
Efva Attling falling star ear cuff Colette Orion diamond earrings



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