Sharing on the Internet – 5 Tips to Stay Safe

By Erika W.

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Are you oversharing online?

We all love to share our jewelry, but we know that there have been instances of theft from information posted on the web. We care about the Pricescope Community and we wanted to give you some easy tips on how to prevent over-sharing. In the past we have had to remove photographs and information at the request of our users, so we hope this will help with future posts. Here are some quick tips to help you stay safe when sharing photos and information on Pricescope.

This post was inspired by the Please Rob Me, a website devoted to raising awareness about over-sharing on the Internet.

1. Never post your address

This includes addresses on wedding invitations. It’s fun to post your invites on PS to get input, but please make sure you hide any addresses, names or pertinent location information.

2. Choose a username carefully

It’s best to use a name that does not identify you. Please avoid using first and last names, and you may want to consider avoiding nicknames and other site login names. People are increasingly easy to find via search engines, so choosing a username that is general and does not connect to your real name is wise. Google your username to see what you find. The more general, the better.

3. Be vague about your location

If you live in a large metropolitan area, then you have a bit more anonymity than someone in a small town like Cozahome, Arkansas. (Yes that is a real city!) It is best to keep your location general. It is now commonplace to be identified by location, so take care when posting on Pricescope. Also be vague about your everyday comings and goings; avoid specifics about trips to the coffee shop, mall, or grocery store.

4. Leave out vacation dates

Getting tips and sharing about travel can be lots of fun, but please do not share specific dates. Be vague about when you are traveling if you are seeking advice on seasonal destinations. No one needs to know when your house will be empty.

5. Share photos with caution

We share personal photos on the forums, but remember that the forum is public. Have fun, but please share with caution. Take care when sharing pictures of jewelry, cars, homes, and yourself. Remember that just hiding your face in a photograph may not be enough-especially if the surroundings in the photo are recognizable.

For more information about Online Over-Sharing please visit:

Please Rob Me

How to Avoid Online Oversharing

Do you have a tip on how to avoid over-sharing? Please post your tip in the comments below, or click here to discuss on the forum: Over-Sharing Thread in Hangout

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