Rough Diamond News Roundup – April 2011

By Erika W.

From Israel Diamond News: Alrosa’s Diamond Production Up 16% in First Quarter

Alrosa’s rough diamond production is 16% higher in this year’s first quarter than in 2010. Read the article at

Alrosa Diamond Mine

From Rapaport News: Two Indian Nationals Arrested For Selling Marange Diamonds

Two men were arrested in Surat, India for attempting to sell over 663 carats of rough diamonds from the Marange fields in Zimbabwe. The rough is valued at over $2 million. Read the article at

From The Guardian: Partners fall out in dispute over African diamond mining interests

Arkady Gaydamak is suing business partner Lev Leviev over African diamond mining interests. Read the article at

From Bloomberg: Namdeb Aims to Produce 1.5 Million Carats of Gems This Year

The joint venture of the Namibian government and De Beers (Namdeb) says rough diamond production will rise to 1.5 million carats this year. Read the article at Bloomberg.

From BBC News: At the heart of Russia’s diamond industry

BBC’s Kristina Block takes a look at Mirny, which is home to one of the world’s largest man-made holes. The mine is no longer used, but rough diamonds come to Mirny for assessment. Read the article at

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