Rough Diamond News Roundup

By Erika W.

Rising and record diamond prices for rough

Recent news of price hikes for diamond rough shows diamond price increases overall. Pricescope’s diamond price chart illustrates steadily rising diamond prices since December 2007. The exception is the slight dip at the end of 2008, which reflects the economic crisis. The chart is updated monthly.


From Idex: Breaking News: Large Price Hikes at DTC Sight

DTC’s sight shows a 4-8+% increase in rough diamond prices. Read the article at Idex.

Diamond Rough

From CBC News: Canadian diamond fetches record $6M price

The 78 carat Ekati Spirit sold for more than $6 million last week. Read the article at CBC News.

The Ekati Spirit 78 carat rough diamond
CBC News

From Idex: India’s Rough Diamonds Cost 27% More Than They Did Last Year

Average value of gross rough diamond imports increased 27.2 percent. Read the article at Idex.

rough diamonds

From Idex: BHP Billiton Diamond Revenues Rise

BHP Billiton revenues increase via higher rough diamond prices. Read the article at Idex

BHP Billiton's Ekati mine in Canada
Ekati Mine in Canada –

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