Re-Marrying Your Ex? Which Engagement Ring to Wear?

By Erika Winters

Vintage engagement ring in box - Pricescope Stock Image by Erika Winters
Remarrying your ex? Which ring to wear?

While many may balk (cry out in horror?) at the thought of remarrying their ex-spouse, Miss Manners recently fielded a question from a reader about which engagement ring she should wear when remarrying her ex-husband. Her first engagement ring was one of his family’s heirlooms that she kept. She preferred to wear the heirloom ring but received a second engagement ring from the same gentleman. So she asked the popular advice columnist about the “proper protocols” of her unique situation.

Miss Manners wrote this: “It would have been to tell your new husband of your preference before he purchased a second ring. Fortunately, you have two hands.”

Good advice.


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