PriceScope 2016 6th Annual Get Together – Thank You’s

By Linh Pilipchak

The PS staff, Garry, Andrey and I would like to thank all our wonderful members and trade again for coming to our PriceScope’s 6th Annual Get Together in Las Vegas. We would especially like to thank our GENEROUS Featured Sponsors and contributing forum trade for the wonderful door prizes. If you would like to see the door prizes again, please click below on one of the prizes to see the details:

We would also like to thank the following for contributing to the PriceScope favors that everyone received:

Although they say, “Whatever happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas,” we thought the image of an amazing collection of jewelry below modeled by Madelise can’t hurt. 😉

PriceScope 2016 6th Annual GTG  - image by Garry Holloway

Thank you again, everyone, for making PriceScope 2016 GTG a great success!

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