Pretty in Pink – Custom Cushion Halo Engagement Ring

xxeevvaaxx's Pink Diamond Engagement Ring

xxeevvaaxx’s Pink Diamond Engagement Ring

xxeevvaaxx shared this amazing pink diamond engagement ring with us, and we were blown away. The double halo makes that center stone sing!

1.78ct fancy pink diamond

1.78ct fancy pink diamond

A bit of info regarding this GIA certified cushion modified brilliant pink diamond:

Carat Weight: 1.78
Measurements: 7.47 x 7.28 x 4.29
Color Grade: Fancy Pink
Clarity Grade: VVS1
Proportions: table: 54%; depth: 59%; girdle: medium – thick; culet: none
Polish: Excellent.
Symmetry: Good

Fluorescence: Faint

Thank you for sharing this fabulous ring, and the addition of the design process thread is awesome! I love seeing these beauties coming to life, and what choices are made that completely change the look! It’s such a fascinating process! This one was a winner, kidos to xxeevvaaxx!

To read the entire post with lots of pics, click here

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Fancy colored diamonds are fascinating.

By Kayti Kawachi

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