Smith1940’s Whiteflash sapphires by the yard custom necklace

Smith1940 Whiteflash sapphires by the yard custom necklace

Smith1940’s Whiteflash sapphires by the yard custom necklace

Delicate simplicity and classic beauty all in one necklace These gorgeous sapphires would add a fabulous pop of color to anyone’s day!


Sapphires in 18k white gold

Smith1940 got this gorgeous necklace and a massage when she jewelry shopping, that sounds like a fabulous shopping trip to me! Whiteflash treated her wonderfully as always. I hope that Smith1940 has worn this in health and it has brought her a lot of joy, as it sure brought me some joy to look at! Thanks for sharing!


Gorgeous Neck Shot!

Specs: This is five 0.13 AA sapphires on a 16-inch 1mm 18k white gold cable chain. The stones start 4 inches from each side of the clasp and are spaced at 2-inch intervals.

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By Kayti Kawachi

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