Party Jewels – 5 Classics for the Holidays

By Erika W.

5 Diamond Jewelry Classics for a Night on the Town

From a grand New Year’s Eve celebration to the most intimate soiree, diamond jewelry will complete your holiday party ensemble. Sparkle and shimmer with these five classics that will carry you through the holidays and beyond.

1. Diamond Dangle Earrings

Diamond dangles are perfect for holiday parties. The movement and sparkle highlight and energize the face. Who doesn’t need a little extra oomph around the holidays?

Diamond Earrings
Posted by LoveDeco
diamond vintage style earrings

2. Diamond Drop Necklace

A dramatic diamond drop is perfect for lower necklines, and a drop dangling from a diamonds by the yard style chain will light up the neck and collarbone. For more pictures and inspiration, please visit this diamond pendant discussion.

Diamond Necklace
Posted by starryeyed
pear cut diamond necklace

3. Diamond Rings

A dynamic right hand ring and a classic engagement ring are the perfect complement to holiday attire. The Van Cleef & Arpels Between-the-Finger Rings can be worn two ways-versatility!

Van Cleef and Arpels Diamond Rings
Posted by megeve
Van Cleef & Arpels Plume Ring and diamond engagement ring

4. Diamond Bracelets

Play up the wrist with a little shimmer and sparkle. Diamond bracelets will light up the dance floor and the dinner party. A classic line bracelet (or two) will complete any holiday attire.

Diamond Tennis Bracelets
Posted by cflutist
Show me your diamond bracelets

5. Dress Watch

Add some jazz to your holiday party wardrobe with a great dress watch. A diamond Rolex may do the trick, like Dancing Fire’s his and hers watches shown in the photo. There are many watch brands to explore, so if you need more inspiration, please visit this watch thread.

Gold and Diamond Rolex Watches
Posted by Dancing Fire
Diamond Rolex watches – his and hers

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