Jewels Of The Week: February 2022

Each Friday on the PriceScope Facebook page we celebrate the Jewel of the Week! From Show Me the Bling, one recently posted jewelry piece belonging to a PriceScope member is chosen to be featured. We love this tradition, and we love getting to enjoy all that shiny new bling! These were the Jewels of the Weeks for February 2022.

Love was in the air, February brought in so much gorgeous bling! We have enjoyed getting the chance to celebrate with you this month and even if a piece was not selected as Jewel of the Week we love it and are so glad that you are sharing it with us!



FEBRUARY 4, 2022


Diamond ring on a yellow flower

Bimo shared this amazing Whiteflash A Cut Above ® Diamond Ring with us. Wow, what a phenomenal ring! This gorgeous ring is an upgrade to Bimo’s original engagement ring. They did a great job finding a really beautiful ring that will make her happy for a long time. The solitaire is a classic look for a reason because there is never going to be a time where this is not fabulous! Congratulations, Bimo! We love this!


Carat Weight: 2.305
Color Grade: I

Clarity: SI1

Visit Bimo's original post.



FEBRUARY 11, 2022


Three-stone diamond ring on a hand.

BrownGinger shared this marvelous three-stone diamond ring with us that they had reset from existing pieces. WOW! Having really enjoyed a previous three-stone that was returned in a divorce, BrownGinger set out to get another three-stone to love. Parts of this ring came from a ring that she found on eBay. PriceScopers really are the most resourceful and talented jewelry magnets!  The outcome of her story is this amazing beauty, and I call that a triumph! This is wonderful, congratulations BrownGinger! Wear it in health, wealth, and happiness for many years to come!


Side-stones approx 1.4 ctw 5.59mm and 5.61mm. estimated K-L
Center stone 1.5 O 7.15-7.22mm
Edited to add: ring size 7

Visit BrownGinger's original post.


FEBRUARY 18, 2022


Diamond ring with large chunky halo

HS4S_2 shared this yellow gold and platinum halo ring with us. These chunky halo stones stole my heart and I know that I am not alone. This ring is glorious! HS4S_2 describes this ring as “pure sunshine and sparkles,” that is #goals. We want this one to sing for you for years and years to come, enjoy this beautiful ring. Congratulations on this addition!


2.33 ctw. 1.18 carat VS light yellow center surrounded by near-colorless VS old euro cuts in the halo.

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A collection of jewelry on a blue cloth.

RunningwithScissors may have gotten this post up later than she’d planned, but it was certainly worth the wait. In one year, RunningwithScissors added more pieces to her collection than some people have in their collections! These are absolutely incredible and each piece is amazing but the entire group is just mind-blowing. Featuring pieces from Tiffany & Co., Van Cleef & Arpels, David Yurman, Whiteflash, and more.  I am not over it, and I don’t expect that I will be…until the 2022 round-up comes out! RunningwithScissors has impeccable taste and is a well-known contributor in the PriceScope forums. Congratulations, RunningwithScissors, these are *chef’s kiss* sublime.

Visit RunningwithScissors's original post.

February 2022 is nearly behind us, but PriceScopers don’t have a finish line. Expect new amazing additions in March, because there is always something spectacular happening at PriceScope.  What is on your wish list, find it in the PriceScope Jewelry Search. What are you looking to add to your collection, get some #inspo in the Show Me the Bling! forum. Let us know in the comments what you are dreaming of adding to your own collection!

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Thank you for sharing your magnificent jewels with us and helping to celebrate PS members’ pieces every week! We look forward to seeing the newest additions to your collections in the Show Me the Bling! forum.

Written by Kayti Kawachi

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