Jewelry Gifts for Father’s Day

Father’s Day is right around the corner! What do you usually get your Dad for Father’s Day? We think that this year, bling is the thing! Ok, for us every year, Bling is the thing, but great dads deserve a bit of sparkle for all they do for us!

On Mother’s Day, restaurants are packed, gifts are thoughtful and considerate, and everyone on your social media accounts is cheering for all the moms! All that mom love is excellent and is appropriate, so I am certainly not diminishing that. In juxtaposition, however, Father’s Day has long held the title of the day with the most collect phone calls. Let’s celebrate those great dads in style this year, shall we?

Father and Daughter
Father and Daughter


We love an excellent tie clip; it can truly elevate a look. A tie tack can make a suit go from good to great; it feels like a more finished look, certainly more polished. A gifted tie tack can also keep Dad’s tie from flying over his shoulder like one of those inflatable dancers when the wind hits. While most tie clips slide on like a paper clip, there are also tie tacks or tie pins that puncture the fabric and secure it on the backside to keep it all held in place. Dad can balance fashion and function!



Cufflinks are used to secure shirt sleeve cuffs with buttonholes on both sides but no buttons. They add sophistication to a look. Cufflinks are separate pieces, not connected to the shirt. If it is attached to the shirt, it is a button. Adding nice cufflinks elevates a look in a relatively simple and accessible way.



A great timepiece is another way to elevate an outfit. There are so many different watch styles available in a wide range of budgets. High-end men’s watches typically retain their value in a way that their women’s counterparts do not. They are a great way to personalize a look since many men’s suits look similar.

head and shoulders of a person in a tuxedo on a grey background extending a box with a rolex watch in it
Father and Son Fist Pump
Father and Daughter

To the great dads out there, we salute you!

Written by Kayti Kawachi

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