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Jewelry Birthday Gifts

Jewelry Birthday Gifts 2023

Birthdays rank very highly in our collective memories of special events. Gifting jewelry on these joyous occasions is a fantastic choice that makes a jewelry-loving recipient feel loved, appreciated, and seen. Jewelry can immortalize memories and sentiments for a loved one, a family member, or a dear friend.We've pu...

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Last-Minute Christmas Jewelry Gifts 2022 blog post

Last-Minute Christmas Jewelry Gifts 2022

It's the season of gift giving, but sometimes time flies on us and we don't get gifts purchased until late in the game. If this is you, we have some suggestions for some great presents anytime, but certainly for the 2022 holidays: JEWELRY GIFTSA lot of PriceScopers love a great variety...

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Gifting with Whiteflash blog post

Gifting With Whiteflash

Giving gifts is a tradition practiced by all civilizations worldwide and is such a natural component of every great event. Even though you may have given the gift you're purchasing for that particular someone a lot of attention, it's possible that you haven't considered the reason why we give gifts in the first plac...

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Gifting Ideas Pandora Bracelets blog post.

Gifting Ideas: Pandora Bracelets

Get a free Pandora bracelet with your next Pandora purchase valid until 8/14/2022. Before we jump into one of the most tempting mid-year sales, let's dive into why we adore Pandora, specifically their bracelets, and what makes them so unique. A modern twist to a charm bracelet, a Pandora bracelet is a great gifting ...

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Jewelry Gifts for Father's Day

Jewelry Gifts for Father’s Day

Father’s Day is right around the corner! What do you usually get your Dad for Father’s Day? We think that this year, bling is the thing! Ok, for us every year, Bling is the thing, but great dads deserve a bit of sparkle for all they do for us!On Mother’s Day, restaurants are packed, gifts are thoughtful and consider...

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adult daughter gifting her Mother

Mother’s Day Shopping

When you have a great Mom, no one can compare to her in your life. Mothers do so much for us, and we can never really repay it all. Mother’s Day is the chance to celebrate Mom for all she has done and will do. In our mind, that is a great reason to add some joy she can see all year. She can look at her new jewelry a...

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Asian woman standing in what appears to be a children's classroom.

Jewelry for Grade School Teachers

Teachers have been in the spotlight for the last two years. They have had to swing and adapt to new situations while still maintaining quality education standards and a healthy work/life balance. If you or someone you know had to wrangle remote learning or homeschooling (when you are not inclined to that), it was a ...

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