Mother’s Day Shopping

When you have a great Mom, no one can compare to her in your life. Mothers do so much for us, and we can never really repay it all. Mother’s Day is the chance to celebrate Mom for all she has done and will do. In our mind, that is a great reason to add some joy she can see all year. She can look at her new jewelry and think about how treasured she is.

Mother and 2 small children reading under a blanket with a flash light.
adult mother and son

We cannot precisely repay her for all she does, but we can add more sparkle to her days. There are so many Mother themed pieces available. They have fine jewelry pieces that can hold the birthstones of a person’s children. Of course, your mom may also enjoy some beautiful fine jewelry that is not themed. Great moms are worth celebrating, and PriceScopers know how to show their glittering appreciation.


purple amulet
Diamond Twist Pave Heart Pendant in 14k Rose Gold from Blue Nile.

Some mothers love to wear their children’s names, some the coordinates of their birthplaces. There are so many different styles of mother’s jewelry. She may love a monogram surrounded by diamonds. She may want a ring with diamonds in the same number as she has children. Getting mom something that reminds her of her family or her own mother may also make her smile. If you are a mother, getting yourself something from your littles is ok; they want to treat you, but they may not be able to yet.

woman with a baby
adult mother and daughter.


monogram pendant

We recently shared a story about a PriceScoper that upgraded their mother’s engagement ring as a gift to her. It was something that they knew that their Mom wanted, and their Mom was over the moon about the outcome! Sweet, thoughtful, generous, and sparkling…all great things! We know that you want to take care of Mom this year; finding something meaningful for you all is especially lovely.

Lot’s of outstanding options can be found on the PriceScope Jewelry Search! You can also find some personalized pieces in places like Etsy. 

adult asian mother and son
Mother and daughter.


White South Sea Pearl Earrings with Diamond Hoops in 18k White Gold.
Inside Outside Diamond Hoop Earrings In 14K White Gold

If your relationship with your Mom is strained, we see you too. This day may be harder for you, and some self care may help out. We wish that everyone could have a vibrant and healthy relationship with their Mom, but for those that do not, perhaps treat yourself! We’re not judging either way, we just want to see you shine.

Written by Kayti Kawachi

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