Jewelry for Grade School Teachers

Teachers have been in the spotlight for the last two years. They have had to swing and adapt to new situations while still maintaining quality education standards and a healthy work/life balance. If you or someone you know had to wrangle remote learning or homeschooling (when you are not inclined to that), it was a teachable moment. Celebrating teachers and their contributions to society is essential.

Teacher Appreciation Week is quickly approaching; May will be here before we know it, and supporting our teachers is fantastic! Grade School teachers cannot always wear a lot of jewelry because that doesn’t fit their career needs. Kids pull things like hoops; they can break delicate chains, and rings would risk coming home covered in tempera paints. If you decide to gift the grade school teacher that you love with jewelry, it’s great to try and make it something that they can wear regularly! 

14k White Gold 4 prong Diamond Basket Earrings from Whiteflash

The last two years have made me want to step up the teacher appreciation, and I know I am not alone. When a grade school teacher gets a gift from a student, they want it to be something they can use in front of the kids. Jewelry is a big gift, and it’s lovely, but it needs to also be practical for them. Do teachers expect jewelry? No, that is unlikely. I think making a show of our appreciation now more than ever before is essential, and that may look like different things for different people. For PriceScopers, it may be jewelry because that is what we know and love!

If someone you love is a grade school teacher, show them some love. We’ve all had a weird two years, but they have had it hard, and it’s good to show them that we appreciate their often Herculean efforts to keep the kids safe and educated. Likewise, if your spouse, parent, siblings, friends, etc., are grade school teachers, take the time to recognize how difficult that has been and how valuable and excellent they are.

18k Rose and White Gold Simon G. MB1510 Fabled Diamond Bangle
18k White and Rose Gold Simon G. NP185 Fabled Diamond Pendant

For bracelets and/or necklaces; look for bracelets that are more solid and easily removed, and necklaces that can have shorter chains or the chain is less delicate.

Are teachers the only ones deserving of extra praise right now? Nope, and I’ll highlight some others here soon too! Looking at you, healthcare workers! This blog is just a reminder that teacher week is within shopping distance!

If you are a teacher, we would love to hear about some of your favorite gifts you have received in the comments! Thank you for your work, your compassion, and your commitment to your calling!

Written by Kayti Kawachi
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