Anticipating the Jewelry in Season 2 of Bridgerton

Netflix is releasing Bridgerton Season 2 on March 25th, and it seems like they are not cooling down the intensity for this offering of the period drama. It will be a feast for the eyes if they can even approach the same level of costuming and aesthetic vibrancy this season!

light brown complected women in regency era garb.

We were swept away by the colorful decadence when we last visited the Ton. The jewelry, albeit largely costume, was so tailored to each character that it truly helped define their personality visually. Even when the family dressed similarly, the jewelry was tailored to the individual, reminding us of their uniqueness. The story has moved on, but the consistency of the styling has remained constant.

The Duke of Hastings was the smoldering rake that drew in a massive audience. The time has come for the cast of season 2 to see if they can carry the show without Rege Jean Page’s charisma. There have been some new additions to the cast and the story. A pair of gorgeous sisters who are also beautifully bejeweled, at least one of them will be courting Anthony Bridgerton. There is sure to be a high spice factor with the couple. Let’s hope that it wraps up with a ring.

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2 light brown women talking in a garden.
a couple of white women talking in a library, wearing regency era costumes.

There are parallels between some of the families in the imagery. They were so precise with the styling in season one it is unlikely that it is merely a coincidence. An example of this is the floral cluster style earrings worn by newcomer Edwina Sharma, and a similar style worn by Penelope Featherington; who is also the narrator, the Lady Whistledown.

Jewelry can be such an illustrative focus, and when a wardrobe designer knows what they are doing, it is magnificent. We are looking to the return of Bridgerton on March 25 on Netflix to see if the excellence will continue.

gorgeous light brown woman in regency garb.

All images here are from the set that Netflix has allowed to be released thus far. What else we will get to see may be in line with the books by Julia Quinn, but Netflix and Shonda Rhimes will certainly make the story their own. 

As a woman with 2 corgis, I am hyped to see a corgi in the preview images! That is just a fun fact about me. I love jewelry and corgis, this is looking like it will be amazing!

Written by Kayti Kawachi 

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