Jewel of the Week – Vintage Yellow Diamond Ring

By Erika W.

Fabulous Jewelry Shared by Pricescope Members

This week’s jewel is a lovely vintage yellow diamond ring posted by poshpepper. Thanks everyone for posting your gorgeous jewelry in the Show Me the Bling forum!

Vintage Yellow Diamond ring
Posted by poshpepper

My Yellow OEC

Poshpepper’s vintage ring features a unique fancy light yellow old European cut diamond. Precursor to the modern round brilliant, old European cuts emerged in the late 19th century. Old Euros are round in outline with a small table, high crown, and large culet facet. They are generally deeper cuts with broad facets arranged in a flower-like patten. We don’t often see fancy color old cut diamonds, so thanks Posh for sharing this lovely ring!

Vintage Yellow Diamond Ring

Yellow Diamond Ring

Old European cuts are known for chunky facets and great flashes of fire.

Yellow Diamond Ring

Vintage romance with a punch of sunny yellow color, this ring will delight for years to come.

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