Jewel of the Week – Old Cut Diamond in Vintage Style Ring

By Erika W.

Fabulous Jewelry Shared by Pricescope Members

This week’s featured jewel is for our old cut lovers, a lovely vintage diamond ring posted by elliemay. Thanks everyone for sharing your gorgeous jewelry in the Show Me the Bling forum!

Old cut diamond in vintage style setting

If you’ve been hanging out on PS for the last year or so, you’ll have noticed an upsurge in old cut diamond popularity. These cuts are loved for their chunky facets, lively brilliance and remarkable fire. In terms of patterning, old cuts run the gamut, and elliemay’s 1.21ct M VS1 has a lovely balance of symmetry and contrast. Pair the stone with a period-style setting, and you have a look that will last a lifetime.

Visit elliemay’s thread for more pictures: My eBay OEC has been set!

Old cut diamond in vintage style setting

Old cut diamond in vintage style setting, profile

Congratulations on your first diamond, elliemay!

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