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Calling all PriceScope Members and jewelry lovers, whether you’ve been in the jewelry industry for many years, are a jewelry design student, or feel like you have a talent for jewelry design, this competition is just for you. The International Gemological Institute (IGI) is running a 100% online jewelry design competition FREE for any artist from around the globe. Here is everything you need to know about IGI ExpressionsTM 2022 jewelry design competition:


Better known as IGI ExpressionsTM. The competition is 100% online and is free for any talent from around the world to enter. IGI aims to provide a platform where jewelry designers’ feelings can be conveyed in works of art specifically through jewelry design. IGI invites the world’s artists with a niche for jewelry design to express their creativity through the IGI ExpressionsTM Awards. This is an excellent opportunity to get your work critiqued by industry leaders and presented on a global platform.

IGI Expressions™ blog post

“From birth, expression is the way we show love, anger, happiness, gratitude, pride, jealousy, honor, trust, and more. IGI is pleased to invite the world’s artists to express their creativity through IGI Expressions™, where we encourage and celebrate the excellence of talent.” – IGI 


IGI will be selecting a total of nine (9) winners. All participants will be walking away with an Official IGI Expressions™ Participation Certificate. Here is a list of the prestigious rewards and awards the finalists and winners will be receiving:


Nine (9) Winners:

  • See your piece fabricated and brought to life!
  • $500 check (sanctioned regions excluded) 
  • IGI Expressions™ Champion Trophy
  • IGI Expressions™ Champion Certificate
  • 3D prints of the design
  • Recognition via press coverage
  • Coverage on the IGI GemBlog
  • Exposure on IGI’s social channels


IGI Renewal Theme

Titled, Renewal, IGI writes:

Renewal is a synonym for Regeneration & Rejuvenation. It is the change which defines progress and growth in the cyclical rhythm of nature and life. Many times, obliteration is needed for renewal; it is the contrast of darkness which makes light so eternally beautiful.

We want you to interpret the word “Renewal” as you wish and convert it into an element of your design. We will ask you to describe your concept and its interpretation in your design as part of your entry (250 words or less).


IGI Lightweight Jewelry CategoryIGI Statement Piece CategoryIGI Accessory Category

Lightweight Jewelry

Statement Piece


A ring, necklace, bracelet or earring:

Design a lightweight piece, perfect for daily wear in any situation from the workplace and corporate meetings to social events.

A ring, necklace, bracelet or earring:

Design a distinctive statement piece that draws attention to itself through bold use of size, shape, color and complexity.

Step away from the common!

Come up with a unique auxiliary jewelry design – perhaps a brooch, hairpin, cufflink, armlet, chains – or anything else you can dream of.



  • Globally, any jewelry designer or jewelry student is eligible to enter.
  • You are welcome to submit one entry per category; up to three entries total.
  • An entry in the Lightweight or Statement Piece category should be a ring, necklace, earrings or bracelet.
  • An entry in the Accessory category may be anything you can image.
  • Your written interpretation of ‘Renewal,’ up to 250 words, should be submitted in English.
  • There are no restrictions on style, design or creative choices – with the exception of identity.
  • No information which may reveal your identity may be included. Even in your written interpretation, the participant’s identity must not be revealed.


Start Date31 October 2022
Time Period To Submit Entries31 October 2022 – 31 December 2022
Jury Round 9 January – 16 January 2023
Winner Announcement17 January 2023

If you feel like there is a PriceScope member who you think should enter, please tag them in the comments section below. Good Luck!

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