New Jewelry – Tiffany & Co. Lock Collection

Today we are introducing Tiffany Lock, a new collection of bracelets for everyone. If you haven’t heard of the new viral Tiffany collection – here is everything you need to know and why the Tiffany Lock should be your next purchase. The Tiffany Lock bracelet is the unisex cutting-edge piece Tiffany lovers have been longing for. Readily available in 18k gold, rose gold, with or without pavé diamonds.
There are only a select number of jewelry brands besides our trusted vendors that PriceScopers adore – and Tiffany & Co. is one of them. So, it is of great honor to be introducing the new Tiffany Lock to PriceScopers today. 

The New Tiffany & Co. – Tiffany Lock

No rules. All welcome. 

As the tagline reads, this is an unbiased bracelet collection suitable for men and women. If the Tiffany Lock is not on your Christmas wishlist – be sure to hint at it for the upcoming Valentine’s. A gift for lovers, a gift for besties, and a gift for you
The new Tiffany Lock collection elevates the ordinary by echoing the functionality of an everyday padlock. The new Tiffany Lock collection features an innovative clasp that echoes the functionality of a padlock- the collection’s inspiration. The new Tiffany Lock collection comes in 18k yellow, white, and rose gold. Alternatively, mix and match with a two-tone option. The new Tiffany Lock bracelets with pavé diamonds are hand set by Tiffany master artisans to maximize brilliance. 

Tiffany Lock Bangle in Yellow Gold

Tiffany Lock Bangle in Yellow Gold

Tiffany Lock Bangle in Rose and White Gold with Half Pavé Diamonds

Tiffany Lock Bangle in Rose Gold with Diamond Accents 

You’re probably wondering – What is the price tag? The new Tiffany Lock collection retails from $6,800 to $32,000, depending on make and model.

Tiffany & Co. x Arsham Studio

Source: Tiffany & Co

Tiffany & Co. collaborated with New York based contemporary designer Daniel Arsham who converted a vintage Tiffany padlock into a piece of sculptural distortion. Inside the piece of art is a limited-edition diamond and a tsavorite-set 18k white gold Lock bracelet.

Tiffany & Co. x Arsham Studio

Reimagined from designs created in the past. In a limited run of 99 bronze sculptures, contemporary artist Daniel Arsham reimagines a padlock from The Tiffany Archives as if it were unearthed centuries from now. An unusual Lock bangle set by hand in 18k white gold with over 4 carats of diamonds and over 1 carat of tsavorites is housed inside each.

New Jewelry - Tiffany & Co. Lock Collection blog post

To generate tension in time, the artist reframes artifacts through the prism of an imagined future. Just breathtaking craftsmanship. 

We’re eager to know – what do you think of the new Tiffany & Co. – Tiffany Lock collection? Is this something on your wishlist? or are you an early adopter and have already purchased the new Tiffany & Co. bracelet? Let us know – click the comments button below

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