Gems & Gemology Launches Free iPad App

By Erika W.

GIA’s quarterly journal, Gems & Gemology, has launched an iPad app, which is available for free on iTunes. The app will reach a broader audience by presenting the latest gemological information to iPad users in addition to exclusive content–including gem-related videos and expert interviews. G&G‘s Spring 2012 issue is the first available on the app. The issue features a recent emerald deposit discovery in northern Brazil, a review of the durability of coated cubic zirconia, and coverage of the Tucson gem show. The issue also includes the “G&G Challenge” quiz for readers to test their gemological knowledge.

“Research on peer-reviewed journals shows that those available electronically have the potential to significantly increase their impact,” said Donna Baker, president and CEO of GIA. “By reaching a broader readership, we can have a greater influence on the field of gemology.”

Gems and Gemology free iPad App Screenshot of Spring 2012 issue

Gems & Gemology, Spring 2012 – iPad screenshots from iTunes

Gems and Gemology free iPad App Screenshot of Spring 2012 issue

“The interactive and intuitive nature of this app, combined with its portability, makes keeping up with gemology fun and easy,” said Jan Iverson, editor-in-chief of G&G. “The print issue will remain, so the iPad app is really an extension of our educational outreach.”

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