February Birthstone – Amethyst 2011

By Erika W.

Happy Birthday February Pricescopers!


Amethyst, the purple variety of quartz, has been valued for centuries. The ancient Greeks revered the gem as a totem of spirituality and healing, and amethysts can be found in crown jewels and religious relics around the world. Russia was once a significant source of fine amethyst until the early 20th century. Today, major sources of amethyst include Brazil, Zambia, Uruguay and Canada with additional sources in the US and Afghanistan. Amethysts are found in several tones of purple ranging from very light to very dark. Many seek medium dark – reddish purple to pure purple amethysts with strong saturation, but stones that display flashes of blue or violet are also popular.


Purple Passion


Amethyst Diamond Ring
Posted by lovewhitediamonds
11.98ct Four Peaks Amethyst Ring by Leon


Pear cut amethyst from the Four Peaks mine in Arizona

Amethyst Pendant
Posted by Sarahbear621
JKT Amethyst Suite


Emerald cut amethyst pendant in silver and 18k rose gold

Amethyst Ring
Posted by tourmaline_lover
Amethyst decision: HELP


13 carat triangular cut Zambian amethyst in yellow gold ring

Tiffany Amethyst Pendant
Posted by Dreamgirl
Dreamgirl’s Tiffany & Co. Amethyst Pendant!


Sterling silver and amethyst pendant from the Tiffany Sparklers collection

Loose Amethyst
Posted by Richard M.
Amethyst decision: HELP


Loose Bolivian amethyst from Art Cut Gems

Amethyst Ring
Posted by Burberrygirl
Barry Bridgestock Amethyst + Daniel M Ring


5.23 carat Uruguayan amethyst cut by Barry Bridgestock from Artistic Colored Stones

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