Diamond Birthday Bangle


Diamond bangles are beautiful, classy, and fun. We love a stunning bangle! This diamond bangle is fabulous, you owe it to yourself to take a look! This ID Jewelry custom designed diamond bangle was posted by PS Member GemstonesRock in Show Me the Bling! for her belated birthday. This is the Jewel of the Week!

GemstonesRock had a very particular vision for this diamond bangle and the way that it needed to fit her tiny wrist. The only path for this piece was going to be custom. Seeking out the exemplary work of ID Jewelry. She got what she asked for.



“If you decide to work with IDJ, be sure to mention you are a PriceScoper. That will alert them that you want a very well-cut melee. I then requested further upgraded quality parameters (F/VS only).” We all know that PriceScopers have a discerning taste.




Total Carat Weight: 2.16

Diamond Cut: Excellent to Ideal

Diamond Clarity: VS

Diamond Color: F

30 diamonds x approx .07c each, hand selected by Yekutiel

6.3 inch/16mm Bangle circumference

Shared prong design, push button lock plus 1 figure 8 clasp

Congratulations on this breathtaking custom piece and happy belated birthday. Thank you for sharing it with us!

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Written by Kayti Kawachi

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