Diamond and Jewelry

Pink sapphire and diamond bangle placed on a white Christmas tree.

Gifted Bangle Bliss

  What does a PriceScoper want as a gift during the holiday season? Jewelry, of course! PS Member, Catmom shared this stunning pink sapphire and diamond bangle in the Show Me The Bling! forum. Her husband “sleighed” the holiday giving! This bangle is being featured for a Christmas Eve edition of Throwback Th...



Diamond Birthday Bangle

  Diamond bangles are beautiful, classy, and fun. We love a stunning bangle! This diamond bangle is fabulous, you owe it to yourself to take a look! This ID Jewelry custom designed diamond bangle was posted by PS Member GemstonesRock in Show Me the Bling! for her belated birthday. This is the Jewel of the We...

Diamond Birthday Bangle CLICK HERE TO VIEW POST


Diamond Bangle- Stacked With Love!

Excellent Oval Cut Diamond Custom Bangle from ID Jewelry   The Jewel Of The Week is always fun to choose. We couldn't take our eyes off this stunning custom diamond bangle posted by PS Member Missie1. As you all know we love diamond rings but a diamond bangle is just as pleasing to the eye. So it's a yes from...

Diamond Bangle- Stacked With Love! CLICK HERE TO VIEW POST

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