Diamond and Jewelry News Roundup – January 18, 2012

By Erika W.

Some of the latest stories in diamond and jewelry news…


Bloomberg: Graff Diamonds Sues Hong Kong Pawn Shop Over Diamond Stolen in 2007 Heist

Graff Diamonds Ltd. sued a Hong Kong pawn shop seeking the return of a yellow diamond that the jewelry retailer says was stolen from a London store in 2007.


Want China Times: 1-million-carat diamond mine found in Liaoning

The reserves found 860 meters underground in southern Liaoning constitute the province’s largest mine, containing diamonds worth billions of yuan.


Diamond Mine Discovered in China
Photo: Xinhua via WCT

Maclean’s: Diamonds aren’t forever: Oppenheimers leave De Beers

The Oppenheimer clan built the global diamond business. Now they’re getting out, leaving an industry in flux.


Calgary Herald: Calgarians to sell world’s largest cut emerald


Gem weighs 11.5 kilograms and valued at $1.15 million…

**Updated January 26, 2012 – “World’s Largest Emerald” May Not Be All Emerald

Doubts are rising about the so-called “world’s largest emerald,” with the gemologist who examined it saying he can’t guarantee the stone is 100 percent emerald.


National Geographic: How Diamond-Studded Magma Rises From Earth’s Depths

Carbonate-rich material likely helps gems race to the surface, study says.


JCK: Sarin Launches Diamond Assay Service

Sarin Technologies has introduced its Diamond Assay Service, which lets retailers and dealers instantly price diamonds…


Rapaport News: Record Rate of Jewelry Inflation Continues in Dec.

U.S. jewelry consumer price index (CPI) surges 8%


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