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Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton in Van Cleef & Arpels

Right now we measure every reason that we must leave the house. While home so much, we find ourselves paying a little bit more attention to ourselves whenever we venture outside to run errands. We decided to highlight some timeless fashion investment pieces from some top luxury fashion and jewelry houses which work well for every day looks. What makes a great everyday piece? Well, the ability to be well made, versatile, and durable through repeated wearings. Truly solid pieces to get us through these difficult times.



Les Must De Cartier Tank by Guy Sie: license
Les Must De Cartier Tank by Guy Sie: license 

This is one of the classic pieces that keeps on ticking. There have been many versions of Les Must de Cartier Tank (more commonly referred to as the Cartier Tank), from a stripped-down leather band version to a red carpet ready version with diamonds. However, the Cartier tank watch seems the most well known for being a great everyday watch for those with the means to own one. One such lady with the means was Princess Diana. Although she had many watches to choose from, her Cartier Tank Française – black alligator band and gold case – remained her favorite and her most photographed watch. In fact, it was so loved by her that Prince William selected that very watch to keep as an heirloom piece after her death. The tank has such legendary status that Cartier is taking the stance of “if it ain’t broke” don’t fix it. The Cartier Tank is a staple so much so that the house has created an asymmetrical Cartier Tank for 2020. See, this year hasn’t been a complete loss!




Sautoir Alhambra by Chevaldetroie license:  CC BY-SA
Sautoir Alhambra by Chevaldetroie license: CC BY-SA

We ALL need a bit of luck today which is why we’ve included Van Cleef and Arpels’ Alhambra necklace. The Alhambra line was inspired by the Alhambra’s architecture in Granada, Spain, and is said to bring the wearer luck. This line is very popular and you can find many similar styles (much to Van Cleef’s chagrin) at multiple price points today. However, we always dance with the one that brought us, so the only way to go is with a real piece from this collection. As you can see, you don’t need to spend your days scouring fields to find four-leaf clovers, you just have to reach deep into your pockets to get one.



Hermes Kelly Watch
Hermès Kelly Watch (Image Source: Hermès)

We all know the famous Hermès Kelly bag – so named because it was the bag that Princess Grace of Monaco used to shield her pregnancy from the paparazzi – but there is also an Hermès Kelly watch. The watch features the iconic Hermès Kelly lock transformed as a timepiece. This watch scores big on the versatility scale because the locking element detaches from the strap so one can mix and match bands. The watch, like their bags, is available in versatile looks; coming in a variety of metals, stones, and different types of leathers and skins for the band. Although it is an interesting piece, we urge you to try one on before you commit. Some have said that it is difficult to read the face to tell time and that the lock can be distracting when it hits your wrist. We have not found that to be true in our case, but if you’re looking to purchase that piece you should definitely take it into consideration. Yet, it is undeniable that it is a conversation piece and a wonderful way to wear your love for the Kelly bag on your wrist.

During times of crisis, society tends to hold on to pieces that will last and not waste money frivolously. These classic pieces fit this value to the T. They are timeless and have shown that they can definitely last, and they tend to maintain their value!

We love the classics, come share your classic everyday looks with the PriceScope Community!

Written by Ashley Boykin

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