A Rose by Any Other Name, Artdecolover71’s Rose Cut Ring

Artdecolover71's Rose Cut Ring

Artdecolover71’s Rose Cut Ring

This rose cut ring beauty was shared with us because when Artdecolover71 started seeing rose cuts on PriceScope and elsewhere, she fell in love and knew she had to have her one of her own. She had this custom stunner made by Amcor Design.

rtdecolover71's Rose Cut Ring Hand Shot

Artdecolover71’s Rose Cut Ring Hand Shot

It is heavily inspired by the work of Cathy Waterman. The way that it sits on her finger is gorgeous! The way that it picks up color is divine. I love the organic look of this ring; it is glamour meets nature in one fab ring!

Artdecolover71's Rose Cut Ring Side View

Artdecolover71’s Rose Cut Ring Side View

The stone is approx. 9.8mm x 6.8mm and is 14k white gold
Thank you for sharing your beautiful piece with us Artdecolover71, we are so pleased that PriceScope could help you find your inspiration for such a dream ring!

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By Kayti Kawachi

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