2021 Engagement Ring Trends


Since we are in the middle of engagement season, we felt now would be an excellent time to look towards 2021 and make our predictions for next year’s engagement ring trends. Now, you’ll find that the big looks for next year may include looking forward as well as remaining steadfast in the classics. We can say that we believe that our predictions are expecting to be some of the best engagement ring trends that we’ve seen in years. 



Reverse tapered solitaire diamond engagement ring set in 18K yellow gold at B2C Jewels
Reverse Tapered Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring set in 18K Yellow Gold at B2C Jewels

As much as we love looking forward, we also believe, if it ain’t broke why fix it? This is why it should come as no surprise that one of our predictions for 2021’s engagement ring trends in the round solitaire diamond. Brides get extra 2021 trend points if the diamond solitaire is set on a yellow gold band. We imagine that this specific “trend” owes itself to the classic brides that want an engagement ring that will stand the test of time. If you’re a bride or bride-to-be that wants a ring that will never look outdated as long as you’re alive, then we highly recommend you select a round solitaire engagement ring.


Classic baguette side stone engagement ring set in 14K rose gold at James Allen
Classic Baguette Side Stone Engagement Ring set in 14K Rose Gold at James Allen

If one stone isn’t your thing, then have no fear because we are forecasting that three stone rings are one of 2021’s biggest engagement ring trends. Three stone rings represent the engaged couple’s past, present, and future, so brides that are simultaneously nostalgic and optimistic about the future tend to gravitate towards this look. It is definitely a favorite of ours because the more diamonds the better! We expect to see this look all throughout 2021, so get prepared to find your three-stone ring today.



Oval sapphire and diamond halo micropave ring set in 18K white gold at Blue Nile
Oval Sapphire and Diamond Halo Micropave ring set in 18K White Gold at Blue Nile

Fans of Netflix’s The Crown will love this next forecast. That’s because engagement rings featuring blue center stones are becoming all the rage. Now, the most famous of all the engagement rings with blue center stones is Princess Diana’s engagement ring – now firmly located on The Duchess of Cambridge, Catherine Middleton’s ring finger. That ring’s center stone is a 12 carat Ceylon sapphire, however, a blue diamond or any other blue center stone will do. Another reason we like this look is because it will definitely be able to represent your “something blue” when you’re walking down the aisle.



Odyssey diamond and blue sapphire right hand ring set in 18K yellow gold at Whiteflash.
Odyssey Diamond and Blue Sapphire Right-Hand Ring set in 18K Yellow Gold at Whiteflash.

Now, the wedding jewelry industry has been all about engagement rings as far as we can remember, but we think it is time for wedding bands to finally get their time in the sun. However, we aren’t talking about the usual wedding bands topping our prediction for 2021. We think next year is going to be all about interesting-looking wedding bands. We are expecting to see many wedding bands that incorporate interesting cuts or features – a band winding around a bride’s finger like a serpent has been one of our favorite looks – to really propel this look into the well-earned spotlight.

If even half of our predictions come true, then next year’s brides-to-be are in for a treat because these looks are some of the best ones we’ve seen in recent memory. So, let’s send up a big congratulations to the 2021 bridal graduates as you will become some of the most stylish brides we’ve seen in a while!

Written by Ashley Boykin

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