A Customized Engagement Ring


Custom Engagement Rings are incredibly personal and such an intimate addition to a love story. PS Member, Tdoyledesign shared this beauty with us in the Show Me the Bling! forum at PriceScope. He was meticulous and knew exactly what he wanted. This ring needs a little more time in the spotlight, and as such, it is being featured for Throwback Thursday!



There was a lot of back and forth in the creation of this custom 1.25 ct. ACA center stone in a halo ring, he worked very closely with the talented designers at Whiteflash to get his desires met. Whiteflash met each request and he ended up with a finished product that surpassed expectations and he was extremely pleased with the service that he received.

When it comes to the proposal story, well that fits hand in hand with his consideration of the ring. He set up a masterful plan getting her co-workers to convince her that she was needed for a work conference.



Tdoyledesign said: “When she opened the door to the hotel, she expected to see her co-worker but rather she saw me dressed up with rose petals and candles on the floor, and a bottle of champagne and strawberries on the bed. She absolutely freaked out and couldn’t believe her eyes! I got down on one knee and asked her to marry me. She said YES”

A delightful story that was a great memory to revisit!

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Written by Kayti Kawachi

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