Lily Collins Engagement Ring


Lily Collins Engagement Ring (Image Source: Lily Collin’s Instagram)


One of this year’s breakaway series was Emily in Paris on Netflix. It consumed many travel and romance starved viewers by creating this highly stylized version of an American woman in Paris. Well, it appears a bit of that romantic magic went from reel life to real life because the actress who plays Emily, Lily Collins had some real life romance injected because her boyfriend, Charlie McDowell proposed in Sedona during a road trip. Ah, isn’t that just so romantic?! Here, we take a deeper dive into her beautiful engagement ring.



A cushion cut morganite and diamond infinity twist ring set in 14K rose gold from Blue Nile.
Get the look for less: This Cushion Cut Morganite and Diamond Infinity Twist ring set in 14K Rose Gold at Blue Nile is a definite beauty and won’t hurt your wallet

Lily’s engagement ring is a rose cut diamond. It’s an old cut, having risen to prominence in the 1700s. As you can imagine, the cut’s name comes courtesy of a rose petal. The stone has a flat base with multiple facets cut into its domed top, therefore giving the appearance of a rose. It does not have as many facets as a brilliant cut diamond to generate over the top sparkle but do not take the rose cut for granted. It was designed to be worn under low lighting conditions (specifically candlelight) therefore generating a fire which would make many a modern day cut jealous. Rose cuts are all about romance and it doesn’t get any better than long evenings spent by candlelight with the one you love.



A Petite Bezel-Set Swiss Blue Topaz Ring in 14k Yellow Gold from Blue Nile.
Petite Bezel-Set Swiss Blue Topaz Ring in 14k Yellow Gold at Blue Nile.

The bezel set stone is one of our favorite types of settings for active brides because they are durable. If you’re heavy on your everyday jewelry, then this setting is the perfect one for you because you get 360-degree protection without sacrificing style. Lily’s diamond is set in a yellow gold bezel setting to highlight her diamond’s translucency and cut, however, bezel settings come in a wide range of metals as well as shapes, so there is no need to worry if you have your heart set on a fancy cut stone; we guarantee you will be able to find a bezel setting to fit your needs.



A 3 to 4 carat Rose cut engagement ring set in a yellow gold bezel setting on Lily Collins ring finger. 
Three to Four Carat Rose Cut engagement ring set in a Yellow Gold Bezel setting. (Image Source: Lily Collin’s Instagram)

The translucent diamond is rumored to be between three and four carats and speculated to cost anywhere from $75,000 to a little more than $100,000. The translucent diamond is unique and can be mistaken for quartz or other gemstones, but this high-quality diamond is worth it’s weight in gold.



A cushion cut pink agate cabochon ring with diamond sidestones set in 14K rose gold from Blue Nile.
Get the look for less: Can’t splurge on the designer, then look for designs which juxtapose precious and semi-precious stones like this Cushion Cut Pink Agate Cabochon Ring with Diamond Side Stones set in 14K Rose Gold at Blue Nile

Irene Neuwirth rose to the occasion when making Lily’s engagement ring. It was a custom design commissioned by Lily’s now fiancé and she fell head over heels for the design. She designed it with size and unique properties in mind. The bezel setting was created to enable the wearer (or eagle-eyed fans) to be able to see completely through the diamond almost to appear as if the stone were not there. The design is so unique that it initially confused even the most expert gemologists who thought it was a quartz before they discovered that the diamond was translucent. You wouldn’t be mistaken if you did think that it was a quartz stone as Irene’s trademarks are mixing precious and semiprecious gemstones to create an explosion of color and shapes rarely seen in fine jewelry. Take it from us, you can expect to see more of her pieces on the red carpet as soon as the world begins to normalize again.

Lily Collins had a wonderful engagement with an even more wonderful engagement ring. We haven’t seen an engagement ring with a show-stopping translucent diamond in recent times. One thing we do know is that Charlie McDowell gifted Lily Collins with an engagement ring she’ll cherish for a lifetime. Congratulations to the happy couple from all of us at PriceScope!

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Written by Ashley Boykin

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