Blue Diamonds

Natural blue diamonds are exceptionally rare. Larger blue diamonds have achieved record prices at auction in recent years. In October 2010, a 10.95 carat fancy vivid blue diamond, the “Bulgari Blue,” broke auction records selling for $15.7 million at Christie’s. In October 2011, a 6.01 carat fancy vivid blue diamond ring fetched $10.1 million–setting a world record price per carat for diamonds of its type sold at auction. Blue diamonds great and small are priced according to rarity, and it is not uncommon to find stones under .25 carats with 5-digit prices.

The Hope Diamond
The Hope Diamond

The Hope diamond is the most famous blue diamond in the world. GIA graded the 45.52 carat stone as fancy deep greyish blue. The Hope diamond is a rare Type IIb with a unique orange-red phosphorescence.

Blue Diamond Details

Cause of Color: The trace element boron causes color in blue diamonds. Hydrogen can also cause greyish blue color in diamonds, as hydrogen is generally the cause of grey and even violet color. Greenish blue or green-blue diamonds also contain trace nitrogen impurities. Nitrogen causes yellow in diamond.

Secondary Colors: Common secondary colors in blue diamonds include greenish blue and greyish blue.

Rarity: Natural blue diamonds are exceptionally rare and are priced accordingly.

Grading: Blue diamonds are graded as Faint Blue, Very Light Blue, Light Blue, Fancy Light Blue, Fancy Blue, Fancy Intense Blue, Fancy Dark Blue, Fancy Deep Blue, and Fancy Vivid Blue.

Blue Diamond Gallery

Wittelsbach-Graff diamond
Photo: Smithsonian
31.06 carat “Wittelsbach-Graff” diamond

The Bulgari Blue Diamond
Photo: Christie’s
10.95 carat “Bulgari Blue” Diamond

6.01 carat fancy vivid blue diamond ring sold at Sotheby's HK for $10.1 million
Photo: Sotheby’s
6.01 carat fancy vivid blue diamond ring

.28 carat fancy intense blue diamond
Posted by kenny
.28ct fancy intense blue diamond

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