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Post by Mara » June 21st, 2007, 11:17 am
hey skippy, yeah i got mine at Whole Foods (Bob's Red Mill is the brand though there are others) but I would imagine that other stores carry it too...I don't think TJ's has it (they have oat bran which is like 3x the calories and not as much fiber!!)...but if you have a WF or a Wild Oats i would definitely try there!

re: core tightening as well...i have noticed that the hiking i have started to do really works my abs as well, the next day they are sore! who knew. just a thought for those who are wanting to try different things and tired of the basics like situps! hehe.

so this morning i had 2 of my bran muffins and some bran cereal all before 9am! LOL. i was so hungry this morning esp since i got up before 7am and had all these calls. for lunch i had the same thing as yesterday so more fiber and protein. i am a fiber powerhouse today, i've consumed 35g so far! lol. this afternoon we are having an ice cream social with the whole company, but i am getting froyo and eating that instead. then i am doing my hike and my mom is coming along with me so i'll have company which will be fun. for dinner tonite, greg has rehearsal so i am on my own...thinking those yummy crab cakes i love with a big green salad will be dinner for me.

i also am really toying with the idea of entirely cutting out desserts from now until july 4th (1.5 weeks!) except for froyo and 40 cal fudgesicle bars. i tend to notice that when i eat sweet decadent desserts i just crave them more. so maybe a dessert detox wouldn't be such a bad thing. we shall see if i can do it...hehe notice i am just 'toying' with it so far. anyone else maybe game for a dessert detox for the next week and a half? hehee.

"Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."

-Albert Einstein

Post by Skippy » June 21st, 2007, 12:14 pm
Date: 6/21/2007 5:17:25 PM
Author: Mara
hey skippy, yeah i got mine at Whole Foods (Bob''s Red Mill is the brand though there are others) but I would imagine that other stores carry it too...I don''t think TJ''s has it (they have oat bran which is like 3x the calories and

Thanks!  Heading to my Whole FoodsImage

Done mowing our lawn.  It is frickin hot here 95 degrees.  blah. 
Have a great day all.Image


"The only things that stand between a person and what they want in life are the will to try it, and the faith to believe it's possible" Rich Devos

Post by cellososweet » June 21st, 2007, 12:50 pm
afternoon everyone ;-)  I hope you''re all having a good day.

I did indeed go to the gym and get my interval training.  Worked up a mighty sweat.  It was fantastic.  It''s nice because I have nothing to do of importance tomorrow so I can spend time doing the Cathe Friedrich Supersets dvd.  This thing has completely changed my view of workout videos.  I never really felt the burn of them before and always thought the gym or an outdoor run on hills was much better, well she proved me wrong.  The dvd also comes with a Push/Pull sequence.  I like the arms from supersets and the inner/outer thigh and calves workout from Push/Pull.  I got it off ebay for $12 (It''s $45 retail).  Best $12 I''ve ever spent.  It''s a tough workout and, for me at least, is a lot more grueling than doing machines.

dee*jay, get the designer denim.  Even if you only ever do it once.  And I second this for mostly everyone.  I''m not too big on bags, and i love all shoes (cheap or super expensive), but my weakness is jeans.  I bought my first designer pair 5 years ago and only buy cheap for gardening and horseback riding now.  They fit so well.  But all designer denim is not created equal.  You have to try on a few pairs from different brands to get a good fit.  I''ve found that Citizens of Humanity tends to fit pretty well on everyone and is universally flattering (especially the Ava cut). And don''t feel like your short when you try them on.  I don''t know who the heck they make these things for! I''m 5''7" and have pretty long legs (32-33" inseam).  I still have to get my hemmed.  Even to wear them with heels.  It''s ridiculous.

Anywho. . . this weekend I think I will start a thread for vegetarian recipes, so people can find them easily.  Don''t know if there are many veggies here, but even non-veggies will surely like some, for a change of pace.

Of I go to make dinner and then relax!

Post by Skippy » June 21st, 2007, 1:00 pm
Cellosweet.  Here is a link to Vegan Recipes. http://www.pricescope.com/forum/family-home-health/vegetarian-vegan-recipes-t40076.html  Starting one would be good too!Image

I think I will look for those dvd''s on ebay.  thanks!


"The only things that stand between a person and what they want in life are the will to try it, and the faith to believe it's possible" Rich Devos

Post by katebar » June 21st, 2007, 2:07 pm
Date: 6/21/2007 1:35:24 PM
Author: Skippy123
Hi all!

Katebar, you are tiny at 103. My sister is like you. I inherited bones like my mom.

Have a great workout dayImage
Skippy123 i am 40lb above that weight nowImage. My sister who is older still weights about 110 but I think when you get to a certain age a little meat on your bones is a better look. I want to lose another 10lb and then I  will be very comfortable in my skin again!
Deejay I too had a reduction but they grew backImage. I dress very much following the Trinny and Susan from Not What to Wear. No high neck sweaters, vnecks but not to low. No waisted belts no double breasted jackets. I emphasise the lower half of my body rather that drawing attention to the ''girls'' lol.
With the elliptical I never use the arms anymore and I  find you can work harder and as everyone has said its great for the core. I also do half my workout going backwards which also works the but and hamstrings I think.


Post by Dee*Jay » June 21st, 2007, 3:25 pm
Cello, thanks for the jeans enablement! Image I *am* going to get some some day!

Katebar, mine didn't exactly grow back, but I do wish I had become smaller... Thanks for the wardrobe advice--I really appreciate it!

Tonight we went to a charity function. I ate some fiber one with skim before we went so I wouldn't be super hungry (good thing too--all the awards went on for a looooooong time... ). BUT, I gave in to 6 bite sized appetizers, two glasses of wine, 9/12th of a chocolate candy bar (talk to my HH about the other 3/12th... ) and one not so great chocolate chip cookie. In only went into this with 400 cals to spare, and I'm glad I won't know exactly how far over went. (But damn those little pices of seared tuna on top of the crispy risotto cakes were pretty good!)

Might be time to put the scale in the middle of the bathroom floor where I seem to weight way less come tomorrow morning, LOL!

Post by Rod » June 21st, 2007, 4:07 pm
Evening Fellow WWTers!

I don''t know about a dessert detox Mara.  I live for my dark chocolate and weekend scones!  Maybe someone will help you out though.

I had a great workout tonight.  A really long workout, but it was just really strong.  I typically push the hardest on Thursday nights as it''s the end of three straight days and we get to take Friday off and have Sushi - YAY (can you say Rod and Charlie are creatures of habit - LOL - I thought you could!).  So, I work out just that much harder because of the day off coming.  I guess I got going around 6 PM and I noticed the clock said it was 9, when I was leaving, but I did sit in the sauna for a few minutes and showered, so I didn''t work out for 3 straight hours, but at least 2.5.  Charlie finished up about 40 minutes before me, so he came home and had dinner ready.  The funny thing was he cooked a frozen meal thinking it was two servings (plus some fresh spinach), and it was good, but it surely didn''t fill me up.  Then I checked the box and it was a single serving meal, so my calorie intake for dinner was pretty low.  I did have my dark chocolate and I will have an apple, but I''m pretty sure I came in deficient on calories for today.  Maybe the Scale God''s will smile on my once weekly weigh in tomorrow morning!

I''m just finishing up some things for work and then I''m going to relax with a kitty on my lap.  Work has gotten super busy.  And it will get even busier for me as I hired three interns right out of school and they''ll be starting the 2nd week of July and I have to train them and mentor/manage them on top of all my other responsibilities going forward.  I think I will enjoy the young college grads a lot.  They''re all so interesting.  One worked his way through college as a tennis instructor.  One worked her way as a Hooter''s Girl and the third one wrote a novel and learned Hindu just for the fun of it.  They''re really bright and energetic and I think they''ll really add an added dimension to our office. 

Anyway, that''s my day and I''m sticking to it.  I hope you''re day was good and healthy!

Post by marcy » June 21st, 2007, 4:47 pm

Hi everyone!  Image

You guys inspired me so much that my husband and I went for a walk tonight.  We went and walked around the lake at a city park.  It was probably a little under a mile.  Sunday we are going to go walk around the lake at another city park that is larger.  I can’t imagine myself doing that a year ago!  It was a lot of fun.

When we got back from our walk I dished up 75 calories worth of French vanilla ice cream.  It was yummy.  I was amazed at how much ice cream I got for 75 cals.

I will post my before and 100 pound photos later.  If you have links to any of your photos let me know so I can go take a peak at your photos.

Monarch: thank you for helping me understand why I never find clothes in my size at a store.  Of course the smaller I get, the easier it seems to be to find something.

Gail: your vacation at the beach sounds marvelous and congratulations on coming home even lighter than when you left.

I’m with you Skippy, I’m craving pizza now.  Our office is going out for a pizza buffet next week though so I’ll get a few pieces then.

Hi Danielle: I try not to obsess about the weight fluctuations and swear I won’t weigh everyday; but I just can’t help looking in the morning.  I am real close to loosing another pound so I am sure I’ll check tomorrow.

Kimberly: Have a great vacation!

Dee: I’d move the scale to where I weigh the least too.  When we got a new digital scale last fall I tried it on the rug and it said I weighed 87 pounds.  Wow, I was ecstatic at that!  I think you could really ruin someone’s day approaching them with the idea they should loose weight.

Cello:  I will hold off on designer jeans until I loose all my weight.  I am looking forward to it though and I want a denim jacket then too.

Mara:  I could eat more food everyday if I didn’t save calories for my sweet treats at night but I guarantee I would not be able to stay on my diet as well as I do if I had to cut out sweets.  I’m glad we don’t have as many food celebrations at work as you do.  I don’t think I am up to a complete dessert detox; but I wish you luck if you decide to go for it.

Rod: I laughed at you Scale God’s comment.  Too funny.  Good luck with getting them to smile on you.

Have a great Friday!

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Post by marcy » June 21st, 2007, 4:53 pm
Here is my before picture.  This is from Christmas 2005
mcxmas2.jpg (8.34 KiB) Viewed 109 times
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Post by marcy » June 21st, 2007, 4:54 pm
Here was me on May 28th when I reached my 100 pounds goal.
mc100lbs.JPG (7.44 KiB) Viewed 109 times
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Post by Rod » June 21st, 2007, 4:59 pm
So Like WOW Marcy!!  I know how hard it is to lose a lot of weight, so it''s wonderful to see the reduced you!!  Keep up the great work.  And I''m glad we have inspired you and hubby to take nice long walks together.  Walking is a fantastic exercise, so keep it up.  Not only do you get to see nice scenery, but you''re doing something wonderful for your entire body, especially your heart.  Way to go!!

Post by Skippy » June 21st, 2007, 5:23 pm
Marcy, fantastic girlfriend!!!  You must be so proud of yourselfImage


"The only things that stand between a person and what they want in life are the will to try it, and the faith to believe it's possible" Rich Devos

Post by TanDogMom » June 21st, 2007, 5:26 pm
good evening everyone!
Skippy, thanks for asking about my pendant! I did get it and I LOVE it. I will do a thread soon. I haven't downloaded pics from my camera since March and I am dreading organizing my pics but I need to do it. I also owe pics to a ton of people from a bunch of events! Thanks for asking!

Marcy, thanks for saying hey! It was the perfect mini vacation and frankly, I couldn't believe I didn't gain anything while I was there. I am really inspired by your before and after photos. You have accomplished so much already!

Danielle, if you do try the salad I hope you enjoy it! I have been eating it nonstop this week, I just add whatever berries I have in the fridge!

Dee Jay, your post made me LOL about the friendly competition at your work :)

Mara, I don't know if I can make it all the way til July 4, but I know I need to cut back the desserts.

Today was a mixed bag for me... I ate really healthy at my meals, but I had a total sugar attack and had a bit of ice cream as well as a small cookie! I was very pleased that my barnes and noble now carries what they call "mini" cookies which in my opinion are the perfect size. They are only 50 cents as well! So, waistline and wallet friendly. Anyway, I did get in a great workout (30 min bike, 30 min jog) plus a walk and I ate just a salad for dinner, so I hope I netted out OK even with the desserts! I haven't done my excel for the day yet.

Hope everyone has a great day tomorrow!

Post by Mara » June 21st, 2007, 5:59 pm
yay marcy you look fabulous!!! what a difference, you must feel so much better. what is your final goal?

rod, lol re: no dessert detox...i mean more along the lines of no restaurant desserts, no cake at work, no ice cream socials, etc. i think i am going to do it...it''s only about 1.5 weeks (almost 2 weeks) and then i will be able to look fwd to July 4th, we''ll probably have apple pie with ice cream then as it''s kind of a bbq tradition on july 4th for us. so that''s something to look fwd to right?! we''ll see how long i can do it. hehee.

so had my froyo today, a mix of wild berry and chocolate decadence...tasty!! actually 4 of my coworkers went with me so that was 4 waistlines i saved from cold stone lol as well. then i went to pick up my mom and we went over to the preserve park and walked for about an hour and a half! i estimate that we did about 4.5 miles...it was a good workout because my mom is just getting back into working out so we went a little more slowly than i would have alone, but we still climbed a fair amount of hills. and i am really not that sore tonite, woo hoo. i think i will be feeling it tomorrow for sure, but i feel really good that i am slowly working out the kinks with my previously unused butt muscles lol.

dinner was 2 crab cakes, sooo tasty, with some horseradish cocktail sauce and then a spinach salad with red cabbage and shredded carrots with balsamic vinaigrette...yum! for ''dessert'' i plan to have cherries and a 40 cal fudgesicle.

rod it''s so funny how you guys are so into your routine. i think i would die of boredom if i did the same thing or ate the same thing every week or day for that matter. i love variety...greg always jokes around about that, how i always want different things every day, even activities have to be different...things i eat, things we do, places we visit. even driving i don''t like taking the same route all the time to work etc. it''s kind of funny. sometimes i love the ''comfort'' of a little routine but overall i love the variety of different things. maybe when i get older i''ll be more into routine hehe.

DJ definitely move that scale, why not?! hehee. anyhow, hope everyone had a great day!! tomorrow is friday. it''s a gym day and then i am meeting a friend for dinner since greg has rehearsal. Image

"Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."

-Albert Einstein

Post by marcy » June 21st, 2007, 6:42 pm

Hi everyone!

Thanks, Rod.  I think walking will be my best way to work on fitness without beating up my knees.  My husband likes to get out of the house at night anyway so we’ll enjoy going for walks.

Thank you, Skippy.  I am proud of myself and I am still pretty shocked when I see myself in a mirror or door unexpectedly.  I had to laugh yesterday morning when we were walking out of the store I noticed the shadow from my purse stuck out further than my behind.  Little pleasures, huh?

Gail, thank you for the kind words.  I will look forward to your new pendant photos.

Thank you too, Mara.  I do feel so much better with more energy and I have the ability to do so many more things.  I have not actually set a final target weight yet.  I had so much to loose when I started that I set small goals as I went along.  My next goal is 25 pounds hopefully by Labor Day.  I know I want to get below 140 pounds but that’s a long way off right now.

I honestly still find it hard to believe sometimes that I’ve lost 104 pounds.  It kind of freaks me out occasionally how much I’ve changed and how different I look.  There are a lot of little things I’m not used to yet.  I went to lunch with a friend one day and we went to leave and I stopped and started to walk the other way because I didn’t think I’d fit between the 2 chairs that were pulled back where people were setting.  My friend must have read my mind because she said, just keep going you fit through there; and I did.  Chairs sometimes were too small for me making it difficult or uncomfortable to try and set in them.  I’m not having that problem now.  There are just so many new adventures for me now.  I’m enjoying it.

Have a great Friday!  Image

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Post by monarch64 » June 21st, 2007, 7:43 pm
I''ll try to respond more to everyone tomorrow...but I GOT MY FIRST INTERVIEW TODAY!!!  It was just a phone interview, but after talking extensively I was invited to a group interview next week, and this is a company whose been on the Forbes 100 best companies to work for, for 7 years running now, and they''ve always placed between #1 and #4 consistently!  I''m SO happy about this.  I actually submitted an online application and didn''t even attach my resume this past Saturday, the day after I lost my job, so I was so jazzed that I got the call today and was there to receive it.  I hear/read that the interview process with this company is really extensive, i.e. they try to weed out people who aren''t that interested by making it a pretty intensive process, but I''m prepared for that and I''m just so excited that something came along so fast.  I still plan to mail out lots of resumes on Monday, but this was really the "lift" I needed to get motivated.  I checked into this company a couple years ago but never submitted my app or res. because I found my last job that I couldn''t pass up in the meantime, so this is just like a dream come true if it ends up working out.  Image  See you all tomorrow...I''ll have to report in with my other news then.

Post by Lorelei » June 21st, 2007, 10:46 pm
WOW Marcy, what an incredible achievement!!  Many congrats - you deserve them!!!!ImageImageImageImageImageImage
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Post by phoenixgirl » June 22nd, 2007, 2:13 am
Marcyc, wow!!!  You deserve a round of applause!  Image

The road can''t have been easy to lose that much weight, but what a great reward . . . feel better, look better, longer life expectancy, fit through tight spaces in a restaurant Image, etc.  I''m excited to hear about future successes!

Post by KimberlyH » June 22nd, 2007, 3:10 am
Morning All!

Quick check in while J is in the shower.

Marcy, you look AMAZING!  My jaw dropped when I saw the after shot!!!  YAY YAY YAY!

Mara, I can''t join you in detox while on vacation, sorry!

Hooray for the interview, Monnie!

So we got in at about 7 last night, checked into the hotel and headed straight to a 9 o''clock reservation.  Had oatmeal for brekkie, some ritz PB crackers and pretzels for lunch and were both more than ready for real food!  We went to Shaw''s Crab House.  I had a mixed green salad, crab cake and we split a side of potatoes au gratin.  The waiter brought us a cherry cobbler dessert after dinner, so nice of him!  It was a yummy meal!  We''d never been there before, so it was a fun night.   Then back to the hotel and sound asleep.

Have a fantastic day all!


Post by Rod » June 22nd, 2007, 3:17 am
LOL Mara.......Maybe when you get to be a bit older, you''ll appreciate having a staid routine!  We find comfort in going to our favorite Sushi place on Friday nights.  It''s comfortable having the same person bring us drinks without having to order them and we enjoy it when she says....."thank you for waiting!" even when we didn''t have to really wait at all.  We find comfort in going from there to our Starbucks under the oak tree and enjoying our coffee and occassional conversation with people we''ve known or met through going to this Starbucks.  I guess, it just makes us feel at ''home'' again and that is comforting.  Of course we''re likely old enough to be your dad, so it''s a little different for us "old" farts.  LOL

WOW Monnie.......That''s great.  I know you''ll sail through the interview process and wow them to no end!!! 

I guess the scale gods weren''t working on my side this morning.  Not that my weekly weigh in was bad, it wasn''t.  But I have weighed less.  This morning I weighed a respectable 173.  A week ago, it was 171.  But, we''ve been adding a lot of protein to our diets and just started to drink protein shakes after every workout again, which will help our muscles grow and bigger muscles usually means added weight.  Of course my clothes fit great and my muscles are growing, so no worries. 

Happy Friday.  Have a great day everyone. 

Post by Dee*Jay » June 22nd, 2007, 3:28 am
Marcy, WOO HOO!!! GOOD FOR YOU! You are truly an inspiration! Thank you so much for posting those pics! Oh and too funny about the scale saying 87 pounds. My a$$ weighs more than 87 pounds...

Monnie, Congrats on the good interview! Any company would be lucky to have you, and I hope this job works out if it''s what you decide you want.

Rod, your group of interns sounds really interesting and I bet you''ll have a good time with them this summer.

Gail, I''m so glad you got the pendant! Can''t wait for pics.

Mara, that long a stretch with no dessert?? It''d kill me! But seriously girlfriend, you don''t need that! You''re doing perfectly as it is--are you *sure* you want to give up on the dessert? Maybe just commit to *less*.

Lorelei, how''s Jasmine doing?

Kimberly, I love Shaw''s! Did you eat in the main dining room or over on the side with the oyster bar? And cherry cobbler... yum...

Skippy, how''d that lawn mowing go? Totally different topic, but my dad was diagnosed with diabetis a few years ago and his doctor told him to exercise. He''s tried all sorts of things and nothing has a positive impact on his blood sugar EXCEPT mowing his lawn. Seriously. The only bummer is he just got one of those fancy dancy riding mowers before he was diagnosed (he''s got a BIG yard) but now he gets out there religiously and pushes the mower around. And they live in North Carolina so the grass growing season is long!

And let me start off my Friday by declaring that I HAVE FINALLY REACHED THE ELUSIVE 20 LB MARK!!! 20.5 to be exact, and it took me six damn months, but I''m so happy!! And the best thing is I didn''t even have to move the scale to a different part of the bathroom to get there! Image

Post by Rod » June 22nd, 2007, 3:58 am
Date: 6/22/2007 9:10:03 AM
Author: KimberlyH
Morning All!

Quick check in while J is in the shower.

Marcy, you look AMAZING! My jaw dropped when I saw the after shot!!! YAY YAY YAY!

Mara, I can''t join you in detox while on vacation, sorry!

Hooray for the interview, Monnie!

So we got in at about 7 last night, checked into the hotel and headed straight to a 9 o''clock reservation. Had oatmeal for brekkie, some ritz PB crackers and pretzels for lunch and were both more than ready for real food! We went to Shaw''s Crab House. I had a mixed green salad, crab cake and we split a side of potatoes au gratin. The waiter brought us a cherry cobbler dessert after dinner, so nice of him! It was a yummy meal! We''d never been there before, so it was a fun night. Then back to the hotel and sound asleep.

Have a fantastic day all!


Yummmmm.........Hope you''re having a fantabulous vacation Kimberly!!

Post by Rod » June 22nd, 2007, 4:01 am
YAY on 20.5 lost pounds DeeJay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  That''s quite an accomplishment and we know how much work that is.  I don''t know how much more you plan on losing (if any), but keep up the great work!!! 

Post by Dee*Jay » June 22nd, 2007, 4:23 am
Date: 6/22/2007 10:01:23 AM
Author: Rod
YAY on 20.5 lost pounds DeeJay!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's quite an accomplishment and we know how much work that is. I don't know how much more you plan on losing (if any), but keep up the great work!!!

Thanks Rod! I honestly don't know how much more I have to go either... I would like to think I could go down another 20 or even 25 because according to the "ideal" weight charts I find on line I could drop quite a bit more, but I'm not sure what my real stopping point will be. I'm going to judge it though on how *I* look and how *I* feel and not some arbitrary number put out there by some life insurance company, LOL. I mean, really, one of the charts I found said my low weight could be 90 lbs. NINETY POUNDS. NINE ZERO. I don't think so!!! But if I get toward 120 or so I'm likely to be pretty happy. And at 110 I'm throwing a party!!!

Post by mrssalvo » June 22nd, 2007, 4:45 am
Marcy- you look incredible...way to go onthe 100 lbs!!!

deejay- YAY for rearching the 20.5 mark...that is just so awesome!!

sounds like the rest of you are doing well too! I just got back from an hour walk with Zoe and am getting ready to take the girls to the pool. Hubby and I were supposed to go out of town this weekend and he ended up having to work. We already had childcare arrangements so we figured why not keep them and go out on a date. We have yet to decide what we''re going to do but i''m sure yummy food will be involved.

the one thing so frustrating when loosing weight is you always seem to lose in the places you don''t really want to first and the places you do want it to disappear from last. I really need to tone up and I know at this point I''m going to have to get in the gym and doing some weights to do that. Hubby continues to lose but it''s his neck and chest getting smaller when we measure and his waist(where he really wants to slim down) that is hardly moving. Anyway, I''m a lot thinner now than I was when I was in college but I think much of the weight I lost was my chest, not exactly the place that needed to be any smallerImage

I''ll be heading to my magical stairs hike tomorrow which I always look forward too. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.

A deal is only a deal if you are getting exactly what you want.

Post by Mara » June 22nd, 2007, 5:11 am
lol mrs salvo i hear you on the whole losing weight in odd places. i lost hugely in my butt and boobs...and while i was happy to lose in general, i was kind of like umm boobs? not really loving a whole cup size gone there. flat butt? not really loving that much either. and poor greg! plus then i still have little love handles over my hips. so it's like ummm what about those? couldn't you have left a bit more of the boobs and gone for the love handles instead?! Image but yeah in the last few weeks the butt has started to return. so it's interesting how it shifts around, i wouldn't be surprised if you continue to see changes. maybe in the areas you really want!

rod...hehe i guess routine makes life easier, aka less choices, which i think sometimes i have too many options and that is why i get off track about things sometimes. if i know what i am having for lunch or where we are going for dinner it makes my choices for that day so much easier than 'seeing how we feel' kind of thing. i do find that i try to be more casual and laid back about spur of the moment stuff but probably as i get older routine might be more appealing too. i definitely see it in my parents with the places they eat, things they do, the older they get the more 'set' in their ways.

DJ congrats on the 20 lb mark!! slow and steady wins the race! as for the dessert detox, it's funny because it seems like 'no dessert for 1.5 weeks' would really not be that much of a feat. i mean that's 1/2 a month. surely i could do it right? oh plus i'd still have my daily yogurts and allow myself fudgesicle's. i was thinking maybe i could make a pact to only do 'homemade desserts' which would definitely cut things back a huge amount. or no 'restaurant' desserts for 1.5 weeks. that's doable (even though the place we are going to tomorrow night has an amazing dessert menu, i don't plan to partake hehe) i would think!? anyway i am still mulling it over. i figure the longer i mull it over the faster the 1.5 weeks will go and then suddenly i can be like 'oh i went 5 days, i can do another 7!' or whatever. in any case i won't be heartbroken if it doesn't work out but i feel like i SHOULD be able to do it for 1.5 weeks, like is dessert really that important to me?? maybe i will enjoy the food more if i know i'm not expecting dessert? kind of like an interesting experiment. hehe.

anyhow this morning i had all bran, fage, berries, coffee. snack will be one of my banana bran muffins mmm! lunch i am going out with a friend but i am going to suggest panera or erik's so that i can just have 1/2 a sandwich and soup for lunch. then i'm hitting the gym, and then meeting a friend for dinner, we were kicking around ideas on where to go and i am kind of feeling like cuban which it has been forever since i had....so i am going to see if she wants to go there! greg will probably get out of his rehearsal not too late so i am hoping he can meet up with us at some point.

kimberly have a great vacation, mrs salvo have a wonderful date night (fun!!), good luck with the job you want monnie, i hope it all falls into place for you!! everyone have a lovely friday, the weekend is just around the corner, i can't wait to sleep in and relax and have some time with greg and portia after a hectic week!!!!

"Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."

-Albert Einstein

Post by *~*Danielle*~* » June 22nd, 2007, 5:12 am
Good morning everyone!

Yay Dee - 20lbs!!!!!!  That''s so exciting!!!!

Well, I didn''t make it to the gym last night - I had a terrible day at work, and had planned to go straight from there, but I did not have the energy and wanted to go home and veg. for a while.  Well, I got home, fi & I had dinner and I started fiddling with our wedding invites again and the next time I looked up at the clock it was already 9 pm! Image (I did however finish assembling the invites - yay!) We go to a college gym and they only stay open until 9 in the summer, so it was just too late.  But I am about to head out of work in 20 minutes (whooooo, summer hours!) and am going straight to the gym for a 4 mile run and some abs/arms weights!  I will probably fit in a workout this weekend to make up for yesterday.  I am feeling good though and I can''t wait to run today to see how  my progress is on a longer run.  Next week I have to start running 5 miles since my race is in 3 weeks!

I feel like I have fallen off the bandwagon just a teeny bit with my eating, so I am going to really tighten up next week.  I am also going to be more strict this weekend than I normally am and I know I will get back on track!

Have a great weekend everyone - yay FRIDAY!!!!

Post by Rod » June 22nd, 2007, 5:30 am
Yes Mara, even you and Greg will develope your routines as you get older.  I guess it just happens to the "best" of us.....LOL 

Mrssalvo, I know what you mean about losing where you didn''t expect to, but having difficulty with where you want to.  As someone who had NEVER worked out in his life, losing the weight was not that difficult.  But building muscle in areas I wanted muscle has been a major challenge.  For example, I lost my gut pretty quickly, but wanted to build nice abs, arms and pecs.  After 18 months of working out intensely, my pecs are firmer, but still not what I was hoping for, so I continue to work on them, but at times it''s frustrating to do all these things to build firm pecs only to not have the desired results.  Charlie on the other hand, built firm pecs right away.  What''s up with that?????

Post by shortblonde » June 22nd, 2007, 6:05 am
hi all.  i haven''t posted much this week, but i have been keeping up with my healthy eating and working out.  the weather has been absolutely beautiful here so i ditched the gym a couple days this week in favor of hiking outside, yay.  i did go to the gym yesterday. but cut my workout a bit short (30 min instead of 45) so that i could go get a massage, which was a much needed treat.  i didn''t realize how sore my legs and feet were from all this working out, i really think i need to look into getting a new pair of sneakers.

marcy, congrats on your loss, you look great.

dj, congrats to you as well on hitting the 20 pound mark. i am also short (5'') and feel ridiculous when i try on designer jeans because the legs are like a foot too long!  but my nordstroms does a fantastic job of tailoring them - ask for a "tricky hem" and they keep the original bottom seam so no one will even know you had them shortened. 

skippy, i just have to say that you are so peppy and enthusiastic that i always smile when i read your posts.

cello, i would definitely be interested in veggie recipes.  i eat veggie about 90% of the time and am always interested in new ideas!

kimberly, enjoy your vacation.

mara, i would be up for doing a dessert detox until july 4.  in all fairness, i don''t really eat dessert at restaurants very often, but this whole weekend is packed with parties and BBQs and next weekend i have a wedding to go to.  so i think it would be good for me to have a goal of not eating dessert for a while!

monarch, congrats on the interview, i hope the process continues to go well.

Post by canuk-gal » June 22nd, 2007, 6:39 am

I have nothing much to say but WAY TO GO to Marcy and DJ.  ImageImage

Enjoy your weekend, folks!

"People who possess great qualities, do not need to show off".

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