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You can have any piece of bling your heart desires...what would you choose? aka OBPTRTA


Dec 29, 2016
Nooo @missy how can I ever choose just one :cry:

Let’s approach this logically. My favourite gemstone is definitely a white diamond, goes with everything, and if you’re footing the bill I can go as big as I want! Am I allowed to make some changes to the piece once it’s in my possession?

I would want to get a necklace along the lines of what I’ve attached. It’s too much for me in its current state but I could definitely take some of those stones at the end and turn them into a pair of huge studs, a huge ring, and probably a pendant and bracelet as well. I’ll make all those things detachable so as to stick to the spirit of the discussion and in WG or platinum instead of (what appears to be YG):
If I’m not allowed to make any changes and I must accept the piece as is, I’ll go with these (below). Earrings have always been my first love and I can put all my money towards a honker of a ring to match since I’ll never need other jewelry after I have this.
Brilliant!! Even if you can't make any changes. ♥♥
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