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Yellow pear diamond pendant design help needed!


Jun 23, 2009
I am looking to make a yellow diamond pendant as a gift for my mom's big milestone birthday. I have already picked the diamond, pear shaped, and the size is approx. 8 mm x 5 mm (0.72 ct). I am spending most of my budget on the diamond and keeping the setting relatively simple but still want it to be nice, it all just makes sense together. I am also not going to be working with someone going back and forth with design options and just need to be as specific as possible as to what I want so hoping you all can help guide me and get this right for my mom...I really want it to be special!

Initial thoughts are bezel with milgrain, and then to add a little something, I was thinking a small round pink (maybe very light diamond, or sapphire), above the pear. I have tried to do some rough sketches below with options of how it all should be connected.I'm thinking the round and pear should be connected by a small loop so there's some movement, but then not sure between the round and either a bale, or possibly have the chain sliding through the round? I'm not sure the size of the round to the pear...I don't want it to be too large and take away from the pear so there may not be enough room for a sliding chain. Another option I drew out, if light pink diamonds are an option, instead of a single, possibly a small cluster if that may be more affordable. Whether sliding or a bale...I think I want it to be something where the pendant can't come off the chain so it won't get lost.

From there though, I'm not sure what to ask for the sides and back to look like. Any suggestions or pictures of ideas/options that would work best? Still simple but allowing light to pass through, easy to clean, and so it will sit flat

Any suggestions on chains? For something this size, just a typical 1 mm size chain, round links?



Aug 25, 2014
What a lovely gift!! What kind of yellow is the pear? Is it something that will need to be cupped? Or will it be yellow enough without?

My pendant might be a bit ‘much’ for what you’re looking for but does have some similar design elements (light yellow pear and light pink pear) both in small diamond halos. My yellow was meant to be cupped but the vendor (or bench) forgot to do it... so it is lighter than I had wanted unfortunately. I also can’t remember the exact stats on the stones...





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