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Would you give up privilege to promote equality for all?

Would you give up privilege to promote equality for all?

  • Yes

    Votes: 10 26.3%
  • No

    Votes: 22 57.9%
  • Not Sure

    Votes: 6 15.8%

  • Total voters


Aug 14, 2009
kids are resilient they can handle a longer bus ride. it is not in the name of politics it is rectifying a wrong. my kids went to all kinds of schools and it was always the black kids bused in in Raleigh.

my kids went to a high rated public high school with kids from everywhere and they survived. my kids moved around as we moved around for careers, they lived and made new friends. IBM = I've Been Moved

you sound as though you think kids are little snowflakes that will melt, they won't, i've been through this whole thing
Think you might have misunderstood my last thought K - I agree, the argument about slightly longer bus rides causing stress is completely absurd.

Kids aren’t snowflakes, but their junior high and high school years are some of the most difficult, for some *the* most difficult, that they’ll ever have. This isn’t me saying this - it’s decades of psychology. I’d be much more in favour of this if it was for the incoming class - don’t upend the kids that already have stability at both schools. But they’re not talking about only future students, unless I’m misunderstanding.


Jun 5, 2020
Thank you for your thoughtful post. IMO organically is the only way as I am vehemently against government mandating anything with regard to where children go to school other than current school districting based on property taxes and location. I would like school choice available but I don't think anyone will ever make that happen.
And you as well! It’s not an easy question. Property taxes funding schools has had unsatisfactory outcomes for so many places I’ve lived in. Is it better for your area? Personally, I know that it makes me angry how much better some schools are than others. We can’t necessarily achieve equality of outcome but the differences have become too great. I suppose I disagree with you respectfully, but very, very strongly. I don’t think people can compel government to represent them without education, and the current system favors wealth.

I’ve attended great schools. I’ve worked hard. Most people at these schools did. But it’s not a meritocracy, and it needs to be. They could never have deserved so much more than other students who weren’t from private schools or unbelievably well-funded public schools. These people move on to work that pays too much more. Stocks routinely outpace income more and more every year while the buy-in gets steeper. The organic way to address this kind of injustice is usually revolution, and I don’t want to see it.


Jan 9, 2015
An example of this would be healthcare for all, but then it might be harder to get appointments and care for your family or from the top doctors. Or spreading school resources and good teachers, to help low performing and/or poorly resourced schools.

I agree that if you don't make your family a #1 priority, no one else will.
I'd like to clarify the assumption that healthcare or free education for all means lesser standard in healthcare and education.

I have lived in countries with mandatory healthcare all my life. I have enjoyed free choice of doctors all my life. Our hospitals are ranked consistently among the best worldwide.

I'm not familiar with the specifics of all EU countries, but I have lived in Germany, France, Ireland and the UK.

Adding the Scandinavian countries and Benelux, Austria Spain and Italy, where I know the healthcare system as a whole and know they rank very high in most studies, you have a market as big as the US population wise.
In all EU countries you can get treatment with your European health insurance card free of charge.

You might have to pay out of pocket for treatments not covered under your policies (aesthetic dental, more complicated elective procedures when something simpler would have been sufficient).
Emergency room visits are free for insured individuals.

They just take my card and process the rest with my insurance.

Same goes for schools. They are publicly funded, but not by your districts, but by state level.

So there's more equality.

So this plus in equality doesn't mean worse standards, actually.
It's , in our case overall excellent standards.

Private schools remain the exception.
In Germany it's mostly for parents who wish bilingual or purely English education or for expats who wish to stay in their countries' educational system (Lycee Francais, American College, British school etc.).

In France it's also religious affiliation, since by law public schools have to be non -religious.
The fees for Catholic School were about 60€ / kid /month.

The sacrifices for more well to do families are completely different:

- You pay a tax on your fortune (primary residence is excluded from this)

- because you need to pay insurances for unemployed , health and your retirement it's deducted from your income. This leaves less " fun money ". You can invest in private retirement funds only after having paid your percentage into the public system)

-Houses are much smaller (building standards are regulated for the sake of the environment, so building is more expensive as well) .
- Smaller cars ( gas is more expensive, cars taxed for environmental reasons) ...
- Fewer BLING.

To answer the question: yes I value and appreciate this system and pay taxes happily.

We could have emigrated to the US multiple times (job offers including all Visa paperwork). We have benefitted from free education and both DH and hold (multiple) university degrees. Those would earn us personally a lot more in salary than here. We personally value their climate and chose to raise our kids with this same mindset as well.
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