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Would curved struts a la VC Emilya look silly with dbl halo?


Feb 16, 2016
Hi all,

I'm pretty new here and seeking some of your expert guidance for my re-set!

I'm now down to the last detail and am deciding what the profile should look like. I love the look of the Emilya profile, but have not seen those curved struts for anything other than a single halo. Would it work for a double, or is that setting pretty custom for a single halo?

Also, if I don't go for pave on the struts, (I don't want my wedding ring to scratch/wear away, and it would sit flush as my wedding band is curved) would curved struts look better, or a cathedral profile like the Tiffany Soleste where the diamond band goes up to the halo? While I generally prefer the non-cathedral profile, I think it might look better for a pave band as the sparkle would extend up to the halo.

Grateful for all thoughts!

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