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Whiteflash and B-scope

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Mar 4, 2003
I wonder if anyone knows a way to figure out
what B-scope readings would be like based
on the EGS specs. on Whiteflash stones.

They don''t have as many displays as GOG
but there are a couple of stones they have
which look real promisin''

I mentioned them in my thread about the
Supercerts I was looking at but just in case:

It''d be great if anyone has any feedback on these please. I have probably 2 more days
to make a choice
and it''s between
some .50 on Supercert or GOG and these
mid.60''s on Whiteflash (it''s for a center
of a 3-stone ring with .20 sides.)

1st one is a .68 G VS2, with a 57 table,
60.7 Depth, 34 Crown angle, 41 Pav.,
P/Sym ideal, Girdle .7-1.2. Culet: pointed, Flu:
none. HCA yielded 1.3.

2nd one is a .64 G VS2, Table 55, Depth61.6,
Crown 34, Pav 40.9, Girdle: .7-2, Culet: pointed,
Flu: inert.

Thanks everyone. This site is amazing- I hope
I can help some people with advice too once
I get more educated.


Dec 12, 2000
Good Morning StoneSeeker,

Yesterday, I took an order for a three stone ring with three "A Cut Above" diamonds; .88 center and two .30's on the sides in a platinum mounting. And we sent out one very much like it two days ago. They are unbelieveably beautiful and reasonably priced. You won't be sorry unless you wait too long. You can't just hit ENTER on your computer and the ring rolls out. The platinumsmith would shoot me if I took him three diamonds and told him I needed the ring in a couple of hours and I need a perfect job.
Not open for further replies. Please create a new topic or request for this thread to be opened.
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