Which vendors work with customers stones for custom settings


Jun 6, 2011
Hi need to find out which vendors are happy to use customer's stones to do custom ring work, and a very rough ballpark of what the prices approximate to.

The stone would likely be a FCD in the 0.3-0.5ct range. Solitaire setting - should be plain-ish, platinum as the metal choice

I contacted mctigue & mcclelland but their work involves larger stones typically and that's what their setting styles cater to.

I'm looking for someone with excellent workmanship more than a cheap price, and excellent responsibility. Of course, budget still is a concern, but would ideally like to keep it within or under 3-4K. Please share if you have recommendations.


May 1, 2011
Re: Which vendors work with customers stones for custom sett

I haven't spoken to many vendors who won't set my stone, although I know there are those who won't.
If you're looking for something simple and excellent craftsmanship the first one that comes to mind is Singlestone.
I have prices from them on a setting I love but do not have the breakdown of the actual stone setting cost.
The total there for the setting I like is around $3,600.

There is such a huge variety in style of the collections the various vendors carry and without knowing what you
have in mind that is just a shot in the dark.

I'm also talking to green lake and have had 4 referrals to them so far. Totally different feel/flavor than Singlestone though.
The charge to set my stone there is around $600.00 and that's for a lifetime stone loss guarantee.

Good luck with your search and I'm sure others have way more knowledge on this than I do...


Jun 23, 2010
Re: Which vendors work with customers stones for custom sett

Whiteflash, Brian Gavin, Singlestone, Green Lake, and many, many other vendors do custom work and are willing to set customer's stones. I would suggest you find a vendor whose work you like, and just ask about their policies. Personally, I don't know of any vendors who will insure a customer's stone against damage during the setting process, so in that case, you will probably want to take out insurance if your FCD is of significant value. Truly, we could sit here all day listing vendors who do gorgeous work and are willing to set outside stones!
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