Which of these diamonds is better?


Feb 27, 2016
My boyfriend recently purchased an engagement ring from James Allen, I've been researching more and more into the diamond we chose for the setting and I think it really is lacking some brilliance and almost has a dull appearance - I admit I went more for size than quality with this one. We haven't received it yet and I won't know what it looks like until he proposes- but now I'm getting nervous.
In the mean time, I have found another diamond I think is of better quality with a similar price point. Can you please tell me what you guys think of the following two diamonds and in your expert opinions what I should do?
I am putting in a halo setting with a pave

This is the diamond I have currently ordered:

and this is another diamond I believe I like - Bluenile said they would send me pictures on Monday

Thank you so much for all the help!


Mar 9, 2016
The James Allen diamond is not very good, you could definitely find something much better. The girdle is very thick to extremely thick, which means you have a lot of weight stuck in the midsection that you cannot see face up, so you are just paying extra money for nothing. The other proportions of the diamond is pretty bad too, the depth percentage is a whopping 70%. Overall, I would suggest abandoning this stone all together and look for a new one.

Happy Hunting!
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