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where to make most informed purchases?

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Sep 2, 2002

I am a first-time buyer in the market for a diamond, and could use some advice. I'd like to spend about $3000-3500 USD. At the moment I am thinking of an E-F, VS1-2, H&A, .70-75 carat diamond. My preferences are based primarily on internet research and Renee Newman's Diamond Ring Buying Guide. I've looked at jewellers in the the town in England where I study, but they are of limited value because they don't have loose stones (and are extremely expensive). I could potentially have opportunities to look at brick and mortar stores in London, Boston, or St. Louis. However, since I would be in these places on visits, I would have limited time for shopping around and mulling things over. I've found that on the internet very few places post things like images of diamonds or crown and pavilion angles (probably because they don't have access to them). The best sites I've found are Superbcert and Good Old Gold, but I've been rather turned off by the spat that's been aired out over on Diamondtalk. Aside from these, Dirtcheapdiamonds seems to be the best for H&A, with images as well as AGS certs for at least some of their diamonds.

Does anyone have suggestions about websites or B&M stores that can give me good information about individual stones? I like to have as much information as possible when making large purchases, and am wary of relying on my own judgements of brightness, fire, scintillation, and symmetry when in a jewellry shop.

One more question: can anyone recommend independent appraisers in London, Boston, and St. Louis?

Many thanks!


Mar 28, 2001
Greetings Student,

It was not my intention to turn you off or away and I do apologize if that was the result. I tried to resolve something privately with Superb to which I have yet to receive a valid answer after feeling not a little used by that company. Our customer service is as strong as it ever was and nothing about our integrity diminished.

There are quite a few top of the line stones we have in stock that meet your request and pass the strictest of standards for internal symmetry and light return should you be interested. If not that is ok. If so, don't hesitate to drop me an email and we'll do our best to take care of you.



Mar 21, 2001

I thank you for your kind words regarding our
SuperbCert website.

If there is any additional assistance or information
you require, please contact us.

"When Good Isn't Good Enough"
Not open for further replies. Please create a new topic or request for this thread to be opened.
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