where to get 10k gold without getting **edited, language**?


May 28, 2016
So I am a poor man, and may be posting on the wrong forums. I am basically trying to find a jeweler that has what I want in stock, or that can make what I am looking for without walking out with a bloody anus. I am looking for a 10k rose gold franco chain, but for some reason, everywhere I see 10k gold, the markup is more than 14k/18k etc. Why? I am not looking to spend 2k on a chain that has less than 1 oz of pure gold in it. I know it doesn't cost 1k in labor to make a franco chain.Jewelry stores are ridiculous with their prices.

Can someone point me in the right direction? Thanks in advance


Jan 26, 2003
Re: where to get 10k gold without getting **edited, language

I am not answering your question, I know, but I am giving my opinion. Take it for what you wish.

Gold of only 10K has very little gold in it. If you do not value the gold that much, why buy gold at all?

I love high karat gold, but not everything I own is made out of high karat gold. A few days ago my daughter found a long necklace of mine that looked as if it might have been rose gold. She asked me something about it. I don't recall if it was where I bought it or if it was 18K gold, but she assumed it was very high end. I wasn't 100% sure, but I was pretty sure that it was the chain I bought when I took my friend's son (who doesn't drive, but was making jewelry) to a bead store. I had found rolls and rolls of pretty metal chain and had decided that I could wear some as a necklace. I had a sales person cut a generous length off one roll for me. It looks pretty much like a rose gold chain to me. So I have about 60 inches of it (or more) and I think I may have paid under a dollar for it.

Just a thought.



Jan 22, 2014
Re: where to get 10k gold without getting **edited, language

When buying new jewellery so much of the $$$ you pay is in the retail profit, the manufacturers profit and taxes, hence your $1,000 gold chain is worth $125 scrap gold melt value. In Australia and the U.K. We do 9 ct gold as our minimum gold content. And 9ct gold chains are common and popular. If you're so inclined try either local auction houses for their jewellery auctions, you'll be likely to buy a $125 melt value chain for $200 or $300 instead. Likewise eBay has a range of sellers who sell gold chains, used, for prices much closer to melt value than any retail / new chain price. There's always a component for the workmanship, even machine made, but second hand will save you big time. And Rose gold is very popular in the UK so you'll find a nice selection if you look through eBay uk listings.
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