what to look for with micropave?


May 30, 2011
Hi - I am looking at a micropave setting for my asscher...and I do not know about what to look for in micropave. Hoping you all can help me! I want something that is extremely sparkly. I found a setting I love, but I feel like everything looks sparkly in the store under the lights. Can you all help with what to look for in micropave? Thanks so much!


Nov 28, 2008
What style of setting are you looking for? Cathedral? Something low to the hand?

This is what I've experienced with my own micropave set. I have a 2-row Roseco Cathedral shank with matching 2-row band. The set is pretty, but it gets dirty really easily, and when it's dirty it doesn't look as sparkly as you would think micropave is. It sometimes reminds me of of that glitter glue we played with as kids. When it's clean, it's very very pretty. All I see when I'm wearing just the band is twinkles coming from my ring. I like that even though the band is on the more narrow side (2.5mm), the micropave makes it stand out when worn alone.

You want to make sure the diamonds are even in color and line up properly. If you are hard on your jewelry, micropave may not be for you. You also want to make sure the shank is not really thin, like under 2mm. That would leave the setting up to flexing when putting on, taking off, and wearing the ring, etc. That can loosen up the stones and put them at risk for loss.

My new ring that is being set uses bead set diamonds instead of micropave. I think the little larger stones will sparkle more than the tiny diamonds in my micropave pieces.
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