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Mar 23, 2009
I too have been a lurker and searcher to find out as much information as I could from this website, but now I need help on a question. First some background; I already have the diamond inherited from my Grani about 1.5-2 carats, and my boyfriend and I just looked at rings last weekend. I have been pretty much set on getting a Tacori ring and one of the only places to carry them in LA is Robbins Brothers.

So the BF and I went there to look and see what we might like. I have read some of the postings, but still felt not as worried about going there because I already have the diamond and most of the postings seem to say that is where they rip you off. The didn''t have any of the specific Tacori Rings I had liked from online, but I did find a Coast setting the was really pretty and I found out on sale about 40% off. They also are bringing in one of the Tacori rings I wanted to look at. The sale only lasts until the end of this month, so I feel a little rushed to move on it. But the sales guy was definitely very helpful, friendly, and I didn''t feel pressured at all.

Today on my own since my boyfriend works late I wanted to go to Sarah Leonard to look at their Tacori rings and they definitely have more options, on a down side I get a very unfriendly sales lady which I actually read happened to someone else as well. I don''t think it was on purpose, but she must not love her job. I also look very young (side note while she was helping me, another customer came in and the their sales person offered her chocolate, champagne or water) Anyway, I found some rings I thought were very pretty but not exactly what I am looking for. She let me look through the Tacori catalog and as luck would have it is bringing in 3 of the rings I am interested in. She also talked about being able to recreate anything I saw. Which I sort of assume I would just prefer to get the original and give the creator credit versus buying a recreation.

These are the two places that have Tacori, which I like and am excited to look at the three I requested.

I read about Robins Brothers filing chapter 11 bankruptcy, should I avoid buying from them at all costs even if I really like the Coast setting at the sale price?

Does anyone know anything more about Coast Diamonds or own a Coast diamond setting?

Does anyone have a positive Sarah Leonard story?

I''m also attaching a picture of one of the possible Tacori rings I like the Coast one is similar, but has a gold heart below the diamond that is more cut out. I believe it is a ring that is being discontinued because I could not find it exactly online.

Thank you all in advance any advice or comments are much appreciated.

tacori top 1.jpg
Not open for further replies. Please create a new topic or request for this thread to be opened.
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