What going with my platinum ring


Jun 27, 2024
Hello, I lost my original platinum ring that had diamond in the middle with halo and down the sides the band. When I tell you I literally did everything with this ring and went through hell and back. I had it for 6 years. There was never any issues with it like bending or stones falling out.
Now I’m getting it replaced also the jewelry doesn’t have the original cad drawing of the original ring and I didn’t have a good up close picture for details to get the same exact thing but I’m getting something close and made out of platinum .

So my jeweler let me barrow a loaner while in vacation although it was to small but I was able to get off although it began to bend in half on my finger and diamonds started popping out on the sides on this ring. I had to get it cut off in the ER because was so beyond getting off. She told me I pushing to hard on my hand which I dont know anything that I was doing pushing on my hand and I didn’t do strenuous activities with this ring bc we were on vaca . She said getting up from tables but I’m like I don’t get up like that pushing on the palm of my hands.

Now I received my new ring and I tried on the original size which I could have dealt with and was okay with but she instited on making it bigger and now the it was able to move around on my finger and was totally snug. I didn’t even get to do really anything with this new ring like my original ring and barely wore bc it was new . As soon as I started wearing it the 2 side diamonds fell out on the band . I sent it out to her she said the same thing being to much on my hands I said I did nothing different than my original ring and I can’t recall using my palms to get from a table bc that my normal way. I got it back same thing happened again this time it started bending together like the loaner and 4 stones fell out. She still saying the same thing and it is a thinner shank but the loaner was thicker and my original ring was thicker but I’m really thinking it’s the sizing and or setting ?

Also all of the rings were platinum . I am at a loss of why this is happening all of sudden because my original was perfect with no issues and I did more with that ring than the other ones!

Daisys and Diamonds

Apr 30, 2019
im so sorry you lost your origional ring

it might help if we could see a picture of the new ring
and also maybe if you have that picture of the old ring and the loaner


Jan 22, 2014
Diamonds don’t “pop out” from a well made ring doing normal things.
Platinum is often chosen for prongs because high carat gold ie 18ct has ductility and prongs can catch and be pulled out of position.
With full eternity bands, yes, you do need to be mindful of grabbing things ie a metal railing or metal shopping carts etc because metal and diamonds being whacked against metal as you grasp can lead to damaged diamonds and damaged prongs.
Is it the style of the ring?
Knife edge profile ? Less than 2mm wide? Is it a micro pave band?
All the above can be a problem because there is next to no metal available to create prongs and hold the diamonds in place. Ditto diamond set bands with only 2 prongs per stone.
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