What exactly is a GIA Diamond "in-process grading report"?


May 27, 2009
My second thought was, do a search on pricescope. I did - for the phrase "in-process grading report" - but nothing came up.

My first thought was that these were some sort of temporary results generated by GIA on diamond measurements, origin, etc., which were "formally" released to the customer (under what conditions?) while s/he was waiting for the full grading report to be completed. This would naturally imply that there should be a full "grading report" to go with each "in-process grading report" as generated after the job is done. Yet, I could find no way of discovering the existence of such a "complete report" with only an "in-process grading report" number in-hand.

In some cases, there seem to be no indication on the in-process report of a follow on report ever having been completed - e.g., see 2141786650 (and those orphan in-process reports seem to have been sitting around for years, so obviously 'completion' is not a requirement).

While in others - seemingly more bizzare - the follow on report is indicated. However, if the follow on report number is entered into GIA Report Verifier- the results fall back to the original "in-process grading report" - e.g., see 2155354469 which states that "Report No 1156102558 has a more recent grading record", yet punching in 1156102558 generates the page for 2155354469 with the same reference to 1156102558...

Last example could just be a software glitch (is it?), but would anyone explain precisely what a GIA Diamond "in-process grading report" is? Under what circumstances is it generated? Is it always followed / replaced by a "complete report"? If no - when and why does this happen? If yes - how does one go about finding the 'complete report' if one only has an 'in-process report' number to go on? And, most importantly, how much stock is one to put into the results of such an 'in-process grading report' if it is offered - by way of, say, a report number reference - along with a dimond by a seller?


Nov 10, 2002
Re: What exactly is a GIA Diamond "in-process grading report

May be renewal reports for diamonds which have been traded in.


Apr 8, 2014
Re: What exactly is a GIA Diamond "in-process grading report

Pyramid|1449686355|3959428 said:
May be renewal reports for diamonds which have been traded in.
It appears Pyramid you are likely correct. This is a diamond that had an original report issued in 2013, and has probably been re-submitted for an updated grading report which is in process. Good catch drive_yugo.
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