What do you think of the 1.20 round diamond I found?


Oct 14, 2015
Hi guys!

I found a few lose diamonds in my parents belongings and was considering using one of them for my engagement ring.
I don't know ANYTHING about diamonds and to my untrained eye it looks pretty (very sparkly, which unfortunately does not show in the images). I haven't gotten it graded at yet, and could not find any papers on it. I went to a local jewellery store to check and make sure it was a diamond, which they were able to confirm.

It's quite white in color (especially compared to the others that are "greyer" to the tone.
The thing is, getting this diamond set would really save us a pretty penny.
However since it is so white (cloudy? Florescent?) in color, I was wondering if you guys thought it would be smart to get it set? I would love to see it in a delicate halo setting, but worried it would not look as good once in the setting. I read somewhere diamond aren't as sparkly when set in a ring due to less lighting being reflected.

I also posted about this diamond on weddingbees and got a ton of negative feedback about it looking like it has " a ton of visible inclusion" and that they would "never ever use the diamond as en engagement ring" as it is so blatantly flawed etc. :(sad

What is your opinion? Is it really that bad? Should I even bother with it or just look for a new ring? I feel so silly because I look at it and think it's pretty but other people seem to think it looks like crap.

Just hoping to get some insight from more experienced diamond experts

Thanks in advance to anyone that take the time to answer! =)

img_8574.jpg img_8567.jpg img_8565.jpg img_8566.jpg
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