What do you guys think of this Princess cut - Color I


Oct 14, 2011
Hello everyone.

I'm new to the forum and I am looking for advice in purchasing my first diamond ring for my girlfriend.

I am looking at a particular diamond on WhiteFlash and my only concern is the color of the diamond...what do you guys think of this diamond? I'm afraid that it might not be colorless and have some yellow in it.

You input is very much appreciated.

Eye Clean - Yes
Light Performance - Ideal
Polish - Ideal
Symmetry - Ideal
Item Code - AGS-104050535017
Category - A CUT ABOVE®
Shape - Princess
Carat - 1.57
Color - I
Clarity - VS2
Cut - Ideal
Certificate - AGS
Price - $11,233.00


Mar 24, 2007
That diamond looks fantastic! I LOVE the facet patterning and ASET. Some of the ACAs I've seen since I bought mine haven't quite been my cup of tea, but this one makes my heart sing!

Now, as for the I color...I actually have an I color ACA princess (bought in 2007). The good news is that (1) the exceptional brightness of a well-cut stone like this masks body color, and (2) I color is really not that noticeable face-up. It depends on how color-sensitive you and your girlfriend are. An accurately graded I (AGS or GIA) will certainly not look yellow under any circumstances, but it may sometimes appear more of a creamy white than an icy white. I'm not color-sensitive, but I can see a bit of warmth from the side view in some lighting but not others. From the top, I can't really tell the difference between my I princess and my G ideal-cut round pendant stone or my SIL's F princess. I can actually detect face-up color in a J, but not an I.

I color can be a really great bargain if you're not particularly color-sensitive. When I was buying, it was substantially more expensive to go up to H for the same cut, size, and clarity. The caveat is that I have become a bit more color-sensitive and critical of my diamond over time, in part because a lot of my friends/family have bought higher-colored stones and I'm jealous. :tongue: But that's what Whiteflash's excellent upgrade policy is useful for, and I digress...

Hopefully this video will be helpful to show you just how subtle color difference can be: I would also suggest looking at some ideal-cut princesses in the G-J color range to see what your preferences are. If you're not local to WF, you can take a look at Hearts on Fire or Jared Peerless princesses.
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