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Very few skinny bands, millions of princess cuts and one picky girl

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K Ray

Jan 4, 2007
Ok so my best friend''s boyfriend wants to propose to her, so he came to me for advice, yikes.
So through my clever ways I have found out what she wants,
an extremely skinny band with pave or shared prong diamonds half the way around the ring (but would settle for all the way around)
with an emerald or princess cut diamond as the center stone that doesnt sit up too high from the band.
she had small hands and doesnt want a real big flashy ring so 1ct or just shy center stone would do fine.

so the boyfriend and i have done some looking around and have been having some trouble. What she wants is fairly simple but surprisingly hard to find.

any advice on where to look? or would having a custom ring made be worth it or end up being too pricey in the long run?

Here is a pic of the closest thing i could find so far to what she wants:

However it has all these extra diamonds on the center stone prongs that i know she will not want...

Thanks for the help everyone!


Jan 2, 2007
Fortunately for your friend, Tiffany style Pave bands are a dime a dozen on the internet. Here's a few from


but I've gotta warn you, ring look totally differet in person than online. So make sure you can return it because without seeing it in person first, there's a good chance it will be returned. He really ought to let her pick out what she thinks is best, because otherwise it's a crap-shoot. And there may be that one in a million setting that's just perfect for her, but without her finding it herself what are the odds he or you will find it for her? Odds are if she's telling him "pave with a skinny band" she's already got one picked out.

As for the pincess cut diamond... get one that's an AGS-0 certified cut. AGS is the only ones evaluating Pincess cuts now and they do a good job of it. If it's an AGS-0, it'll be the best cut you can get.


Nov 24, 2006
Wowzers, the middle one from is my favorite!!! Beautiful!
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