Verragio Paradiso 3052-R

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Feb 16, 2009
OMG Heather! I''m so glad you replied to this thread. I''m in love with this ring! I haven''t seen it in person yet and I don''t know if I actually will before I buy it because there is NO jewelry stores that carry it in Toronto. I saw your posting and your ring is stunning!

I''m glad to hear that it''s pretty comfortable to wear (that was my main concern). Do you find that it gets dirty easily because of the scalloped design? Do you have the matching band as well? The band has a scallop design as well and I''m just curious if the scallop design overlaps perfectly with the actual engagement ring itself.

To be honest, I''m worried about the sizing. My ring finger is normally a 5.5. Since I don''t have a store near me, I don''t know how I''m going to get the perfect fit

I know for sure that this ring is the ring for me. I''m still on the fence on whether I should get the 18K and the platinum. What made you decide to go platinum? Also, I don''t know what size diamond to get for it. Your 1.25 looks great! Do you have pics of when you had the .75 diamond in the setting? Did 0.75 look too small on the setting that''s why you upgraded to the 1.25 ct?


Feb 14, 2008
Hi Phoenix,

I have to tell you when you look at the ring the first question you think of is, if it is comfortable. You have to try it on but make sure you have the correct finger size. Jeweler where I purchased it from had actually a special sizer from Verragio. Because of the scallop design you can measure your finger size with a regular sizer. Once you put on the right size, it feels so nice.

Also about the height of the center, you can tell the jeweler how high you want your center to sit. They can adjust it from very low to high so it''s totally up to you. Mine is set medium-high because I wanted the center stone to be the main focus. Scallop design actually makes it very easy to keep the ring and the diamond clean. With other rings when the opening are so tiny it''s really difficult to get the dirt out with this ring the center stone always stays nice and clean. I don''t have any photos with the 0.75ct center but the jeweler did tell me that the ring is designed for centers from 0.75 to 1.50ct. 0.75ct round also looked very good on the ring as well but when the opportunity came to upgrade to 1.25 I didn''t say no. Don''t worry if you are going with the 0.75, if you are not sure have the jeweler show it to you with different size centers so you can make up your mind.

I always like the feel and the look of platinum. When the got the ring the jeweler gave us a pretty good deal on the platinum so we went for it. Specially now the platinum is so low compared to a year ago, it will be a very good deal. Platinum seems to retain its color and luster better than gold and palladium feels light weight.

Here is the link to my previous post with the hand shots for those of you who asked for:
Not open for further replies. Please create a new topic or request for this thread to be opened.
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