Using a laser to improve the clarity of a diamond

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Apr 26, 2002
I had ordered a 3 oval diamond ring, (2) .76, VS1, G in color and (1) 1.38, SI1, H in color. After one week I was called by the jeweler and told he was informed that the diamonds had been lasered to improved the clarity of the stones and when he found out he was required by law to inform me. He claims its done all the time but its my choice to change my mind if I want. If this is true what do they fill the holes with to make it smooth etc and how does this effect the value??? I need some input to stop or go ahead.


Sep 3, 2000
Laser drill holes are very fine, hair-like tubes that are used to make it possible for strong acid or heat to turn black imperfections colorless and render them less visible.
It is a permanent treatment and these tubes are NOT filled in unless something very unusual is being done. They are very fine and not going to fill up with anything else so there is no need to fill them in.

Really, the clarity is not improved by laser drilling, but the visual appearance may be greatly improved sometimes. Lasering does not make a stone more valuable, but it does make it look better and some would tell you they can sell it faster if it looks better. Others will refuse to sell a lasered stone and claim they are worth less, or worthless.

It all depends on your perspective, your budget and you point of view. Lasered diamonds are not free. They cost good money, and they bring a fair value as the market determines what they are worth. Some like them, some don't. I remain neutral and I am not alone in this regard.

At least the jeweler is willing to give you the news and not keep it a secret. It ought to have been told to you before you paid, but honesty has no time limit if they just found out. Usually a good dealer will see the drill marks right away. Maybe these are not very visible even to magnification.
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