Urgent! Please help, buying today... maybe....

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Oct 19, 2002
Hello. I posted this a few days earlier, but only got 1 reply. I need to decide today whether this oval is worth buying! Please help me, if this is not a good rock please let me know. The price seems almost too good. I think the diamond is a 2B rated stone. Should I wait for a better one???

Here is everything I know about it:
GIA Certified/laser inscribed
.96 ct
F - color
VS2 - clarity (cloud is the only thing listed as a charateristic)
Execellent polish/good symetry
Dimensions - 7.42 x 5.53 x 3.52
Length to width ratio - 1.34
Depth - 63.7
Table - 61
Thick to Very thick girdle
No Floresence
No culet
No bowtie
Price $3100

I have this stone on hold right now and would really appricate some advice before I take the plunge into buying it!

Thank you.


Oct 4, 2002

Have you seen this stone and determinded with your own eyes that it has no bowtie?

Here are my thoughts:
First, the beauty of a fancy shaped diamond is in the eye of the beholder. You could have "perfect" numbers and still not like the diamond. Make sure you see the diamond yourself and determine whether you like it.

Next the L/W ratio: the generally agreed upon l/w ratio for an oval is 1.33:1 - 1.66:1 with 1.50:1 supposedly being ideal. This diamond is one the chunky side. This is a personal preferance thing though. Look at the stone and make sure you like the shape of it.

Next the girdle of thick to very thick may cause some problems, posibly in setting. Also the "very thick" prevents this from being a 2B grade and would be at best a 3A.

The depth of 63.7 isn't enough info. You will need to find out the crown and pavilion depth in order to make sure the crown is not too thin and the pavilion is not too thick, which is normally the case. If this diamond really doesn't have a bowtie then it may be likely to have a good crown and pavilion depths, i.e. 14%crown+7%girdle+42.7%pav.=63.7depth.

The average price on Pricescope for a .96ct F/VS2 Oval in 3A grade is about $4105 but I am not sure this is an acurate measurement of price. The experts will need to help you here.

Don't buy it until you see it your self and determine if you think it is a good diamond.
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